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A Guy's Guide to Spring

Spring is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. You're excited about being able to finally shed those layers. You are ready to try a new hairstyle. You're shopping for new and exciting clothes and accessories. Enjoy it while it lasts, it seems like in between seasons aren't lasting as long these days. Before we know it we'll be baking in the sun on the beach and dealing with sunburns. So take advantage and remember, spring is all about renewal! 
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7 Traits of Growing a Successful Beard

Men who want to grow a successful beard need to have a good plan and stick to it. For some men, beards aren't even something they need to think about; they can have them without any effort. But, most men actually do need to have certain traits of growing a successful beard.
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How to fight hair loss

Hair loss is something one in four men experience by the age of 21. While there are many different causes for this, two of the most common are genetics and hormonal changes in the body.
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How to Style your Hair in the Morning

So you get up early in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and there's a mess of beard and hair covering your otherwise handsome self. What to do? All guys have a morning ritual, and for most of us, that means styling your hair.
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Barbershops vs. Salons

For years, I got my haircuts at my old neighborhood barbershop. In fact, I went there from about the age of eight, once I graduated from the kiddie salon. I remember going to the barbershop with my dad for the first time. It was like entering the good ole boys club for the time.
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10 Tips for Personal Hygiene

You can have the perfect clothes, $500 pair of shoes and the right car in your driveway, but if you don’t take care of your personal hygiene it won’t mean a thing. 
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Bald hot or not?

While going bald is not always an option, some men choose to shave their heads, whether they’re losing their hair or not. But is it attractive? The complicated answer is, as, with many things in life, it depends. Here is the answer to the question from men's skin care experts: Bald, hot or not?
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How to get rid of excess body hair

Body hair is such a touchy subject for me. On the one hand, the macho in me sees it as a validation of my manhood. On the other hand, it’s hair. It grows everywhere. It’s not very aesthetic, and it’s a pain to manage.
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How to Get Rid of the Gray

Your hair’s going gray and you’re not happy just letting it go, what can you do? Should you get some dye from a pharmacy? Go to a salon? Should you dye all of it? Believe it or not, there are many methods on how to get rid of the gray.
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10 Tips for Personal Hygiene

You can have the perfect clothes but if you don’t take care of yourself it won’t mean a thing. You still won’t look your best. How do you look your best, no matter what you’re wearing? Read on for our 10 Tips for Personal Hygiene from men's skincare experts:
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Tips for taking care of your eyebrows

Eyebrows are probably something you don’t think about often but with a little grooming, they can really improve your look. If the eyes are the windows to the soul think of your eyebrows as the frames. So, here are a few men's skin care tips for taking care of your eyebrows.
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How to Pick the Right Deodorant

If you’ve been using the same kind of deodorant for a while it might be time for a change. But with so many options to choose from, which one should you pick? Here are a few tips on how to pick the right deodorant: