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How to Style your Hair in the Morning

by Zack Evar |

Styling Your Hair in the Morning Hustle

So you get up early in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and there's a mess of beard and hair covering your otherwise handsome self. What to do? All guys have a morning ritual, and for most of us, that means styling your hair. With facial hair trends being what they are these days, a beard or mustache routine has worked its way into men's lives as well.

Beard and Hair Care

In most cases, you will need some shaving cream, a shaving brush, beard conditioner, hair product, and whichever other products you have built into your grooming routine and for the ultimate shave. Take it slow and lather up the parts you usually shave. If you are going full bush, however, then you naturally just skip this step and go straight to washing and caring for your beard. Not to be underestimated, the beard is usually the least of everyone’s morning problems. That’s probably due to the fact that many more people often sleep on their hair instead of their beard.

Once you have trimmed and shaved, and before applying any beard products you should never forget to cleanse your face from all the dirt that has piled on while you slept (guys, please change your pillowcases often, they are a leading cause of acne). This is where the facial scrubs and the face wash for men come into play. If you have never used them before, or you are unsure how, then you are highly recommended to give them a try. Be sure to check out the best facial cleanser for men on the market!

After your face has been pampered, groomed and refreshed, comes the toughest challenge of the morning. Fixing your bed head. As a rule of thumb, a good shampooing, combing and some basic styling products like pomade or hair gel will help you out every time. That’s because the hair becomes most pliable when it’s wet and chances are that even the most hardcore antennae will go down with only a little combing. If that is not the case, however, there are always hair products you can use to provide a quick remedy to your hair predicament.

Don’t Skimp the Small Stuff

There should always be room for a good moisturizing product in your ultimate grooming routine. Besides the facial scrub, the shaving cream, and the face wash, on just as a high playing ground stands the facial moisturizer, that's because it hydrates your skin after cleansing or scrubbing. Although it represents only one small piece in the ultimate grooming routine, without it the end result will be a dry, flaky mess.

Hairstyle Trends 2018

When talking hairstyles, 2018 will be an amazing time to be alive! The world has never been more accepting of people’s personalities and that goes for their hairstyles too. From short to long hair, nothing is out of the business-casual hairstyle range and with the recent man bun and shaved sides trends, one can happily look forward to what 2018 will bring. All that is left to be said about that is that 2017 will be a tough year to follow and that facial hair is definitely here to stay.

Hair Styling Tips for Men

  1. Never go for the cheap stuff because it will always cost you more in the long run. Low-quality haircare products not only last for much shorter durations, but they require a much larger quantity of product used in order to achieve the same thing. For instance, a handful of an off the shelf no-name brand of hair gel will last half the time than a few drops of a quality hair product. Then, there is the fact that brand names invest more money into research and development of their products and are much less likely to damage your hair.
  2. When in a rush, never pile on more product. This is something that has happened to everyone and it ends up badly every time. That’s why, instead of overloading your hair with gel, simply wet your hands and run them through it. This will revitalize the old product you have put on before and is yet another of the reasons why quality products are always better. In any case, if overdone it will look more greasy and unwashed rather than taken care of, which is the opposite of the wanted result.
  3. Don’t put a hat on messy hair before going out. As tempting as it is, just covering your hair up when you don’t feel like fixing it, or you simply don’t have time to do so is always a bad idea. That’s because you never know when you can find yourself in a situation where you might need to take it off. It doesn’t matter whether that would be out of politeness, or because a bird flew over and took a dump on it, hiding your hair is never a reliable option and should be avoided.
  4. Keep a proper diet. To ensure healthy and strong hair eat lots of proteins that you can find in chicken, fish, meat, dairy products, and eggs. Consuming iron from lentils, spinach, and other leafy greens is one of the best ways to prevent hair loss. Then vitamin C and Omega 3 play their own crucial hair-related roles inside your body and because of that lots of fruits, vegetables and nuts are recommended in your everyday diet.
  5. Experiment while you are young. Before hitting the higher numbers, giving a few hairstyles a try can prove essential in finding the perfect look. The same goes for facial hair. So before life gets too serious for you and you still have some freedom left, just go wild. You never know what you’ll end up with before you do some trial and error. And in the worst case scenario, there is always the fallback option of shaving it all off and starting from scratch. After all, that is a viable hairstyle as well.

How You Might Be Damaging Your Hair

  • Combing hair when wet breaks and damages it. Even rough towel drying can cause problems as well. That’s why gently pressing the water out is recommended, and hair should be left to dry a bit before combing it out.
  • Blow-drying hair with heat can severely damage it. That’s why under the best circumstances it should be left to dry naturally, and if that is not viable then a hairdryer with a no-heat option is a must.
  • Avoid dirty combs or hair brushes. Many people ignore this because they don’t visibly see dirt or they don’t mind having their own hairs stuck on them. After use, even if not visible, they do get dirty and should be washed periodically.

Taking constant and proper care of your hair is half the morning battle won, so keep up the good work!

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