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The Gentlemen’s Shaving Brush

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The Gentlemen’s Shaving Brush contains 100% badger hair. The rugged yet soft bristles create a generous lather helping to exfoliate the most stubborn beard hairs. Your razor glides along your face taking the hairs with one pass leaving you feeling fresh and smooth so you can stay handsome, like a true gentleman.

Why use The Gentlemen’s Shaving Brush?

Using the gentlemen's shaving brush for your wet shave routine is the best way to get the most out of your shaving experience. Besides the fact that they are fun to use, shaving brushes offer many benefits that spreading shaving cream with your hand can not compete with. Our 100% badger hair brush also helps get the most our of your shaving cream by bringing out the thickest lather possible. The rugged bristles work to lift your hairs up, which aligns them for cutting, and forces shaving cream deep beneath the beard.

Badger hair is a staple to the gentlemen's shaving brush. It has been used for more than two centuries to make the finest shaving brushes. Used with The Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream, our badger-hair brush produces a rich shaving lather. Using The Gentlemen’s Shaving Brush daily will improve facial skin appearance.

Wet the brush and swirl into shaving soap. Apply to face. Rinse brush with warm water after each use. Dry with bristles pointing downward.
15 hours ago
I'm a first time to wet shaving, so I have nothing to compare this brush to - but I love it! Makes shaving a little more fun.
6 days ago
This was a great gift for my dad. He loved receiving it!
2 months ago
Hubby loves this!
2 months ago
I've always wanted to use one of these and I had to treat myself. It's a great feeling using the brush and it makes the shaving ritual feel a little more luxurious. Proud to call myself a wet shaver
Justin Roy
3 months ago
Good brush, been using it for a few weeks now, seems to be holding up fine
4 months ago
Got this for my dad along with the shaving cream. It was a hit, I'll come back to order more for future gifts.
6 months ago
Can't believe it's $20.00. I've paid double for a badger brush.
7 months ago
Works just as well as the $50 + brushes I've bought in the past.
Isaac B.
7 months ago
Great value for the price!!!!!

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