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Bō - Bruhm-məll


Beau Brummell is for the man who wakes up each morning with the goal of ensuring today is better than yesterday. It was born out of the need for a cohesive line of men’s personal care products aimed at superior performance on men’s skin and hair. Whether through our efforts to source the best ingredients, the countless hours we’ve spent on quality control, or the work we’ve put into developing an elegant, classic aesthetic - We do it so that you can step out into the world each morning feeling exceptionally clean, confident, & ready.

How it started

When brothers, Zack and Daniel, began their men’s grooming products company, they were inspired by the story of Beau Brummell, known for being one of the most influential men of 19th Century English fashion. What they loved about Beau was that he didn’t settle for pricey and gaudy looks passing for style. Instead, Beau brought sophistication by way of a smart simplicity. Following this same approach, Beau Brummell for Men simplifies grooming by combining benefits in every product. This is the elegance of efficiency. With less effort, you feel and look ready to win every day.

Smart Elegance

Zack and Daniel were inspired by Mr. Beau Brummell who brought sensibility and simplicity to men’s 19th century fashion. We call this Smart Elegnace™ and it guides us today. Our products combine quality natural ingredients with Smart Elegance™ so you can feel clean and confident without the fuss. Maintain your edge with Beau Brummell for Men.

Message from our founders

To the man who seeks to face each day ready to win, Beau Brummell’s grooming products are elegant and efficient, use quality natural ingredients with fresh understated scents, and manly sophisticated packaging, ensuring that users start each day feeling exceptionally clean and confident.