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Creating the Ultimate Man Cave for Football Season

man cave interior design mens style beau brummell for men
A man cave is a safe haven for men to comfortably kick their feet up and watch the game, providing room for friends and snacks that come with a football game. There are a few crucial steps to a man cave that should be considered while you’re prepping for the upcoming season.

5 Ways to Get a Longer Lasting Shave

shaving straight razor double edge safety razor beau brummell shaving cream
If done properly, getting a clean-cut shave is perhaps the best treat your skin could ever hope for. But what is there to about that pesky hair growing right back again? Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done. Hair will go back on your face, one way or another. Still, there are some things you could try to make that shave last even longer.

The Advantages of Double Edge Shaving

double edge shaving wet shaving razor beau brummell
Learn about the benefits of double edge shaving. A better shave for cheaper! Take a quick read and educate yourself on why this traditional method of shaving is making a comeback.

Men's Nail Care

mens nail care mens grooming mens fingernails hand lotion
Perhaps the most basic of all aspects of men's grooming is cutting your nails. Though you may think of your nails as a sort of private part, the fact is that people do take notice of your fingernails. So whether you're dating, interviewing for a new job, meeting prospective clients, or just simply riding the subway every morning - Keeping good care of your nails is a no brainer.

The Watch Dossier: A Guide To Understanding High-End Watches

mens watches ambassador watch dress watch timepiece mens jewelry
It never hurts to have a guide that allows you to understand wristwatches and their functionality in terms that are less technical and give you a general overview of what to expect with the number of options that are present out there. Classic accessory and choosing the right one will always be beneficial for you and

The Moisturizing Manual

mens moisturizer mens skin care mens grooming humectant beau brummell
We all hear about moisturizing and staying hydrated, but what does that actually mean? Well, for starters, moisturizing and hydrating are two sepa...

Cleanse Confidently With Beau Brummell's Newest Face Wash

mens face wash facial cleanser for men beau brummell
Cleansing is arguably the most important aspect of grooming. Compared to our female counterparts, us guys have oilier skin, more active sweat glands, and larger pores. What happens when we don't wash our faces? Inflammation, acne, and irritation - No thanks. To keep these issues at bay consistently, we recommend cleansing your face twice a day, once in the morning, and once before bed.

The Best Men's Facial Mask We've Ever Made.

charcoal facial mask mens clay mask activated charcoal beau brummell
Today, we're announcing our newest (and greatest) facial mask. As far as innovation goes, this product takes the cake. Fans of The Gentlemen's Facial Mask, don't fret - our brand new Charcoal Facial Mask works in the same way, and we believe you'll see even better results with this improved product. 

A Guy's Guide to Spring

mens grooming spring hairstyle biking hiking beau brummell
Spring is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. You're excited about being able to finally shed those layers. You are ready to try a new hairstyle. You're shopping for new and exciting clothes and accessories. Enjoy it while it lasts, it seems like in between seasons aren't lasting as long these days. Before we know it we'll be baking in the sun on the beach and dealing with sunburns. So take advantage and remember, spring is all about renewal! 

7 Traits of Growing a Successful Beard

beard growth facial hair mustache goatee chinstrap beau brummell
Men who want to grow a successful beard need to have a good plan and stick to it. For some men, beards aren't even something they need to think about; they can have them without any effort. But, most men actually do need to have certain traits of growing a successful beard.

How to fight hair loss

fighting hair loss hims beau brummell
Hair loss is something one in four men experience by the age of 21. While there are many different causes for this, two of the most common are genetics and hormonal changes in the body.

Parlor Talk with Ian & Sean

beard oil reviews beau brummell
Lots of fun with the guys from Sean Daniel Music. Here is there review of our Cedarwood Beard Conditioner.