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5 Skin Care Tips for Men

by Zack Evar |

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Guys, If you are waking up in the morning and washing your face and body with a bar of soap and water before running out the door, then it’s time to step up your skin care routine.  I am not suggesting that you go out and buy expensive products that are difficult to pronounce or hard to understand how to use.  How do we step up our skin care game without spending tons of money, consuming our time, or not understanding how to use the products? 

That’s why we created simple skin care tips for men.  Don’t let these skin care tips scare you, you are just stepping up your game in areas that you already focus on.


  1. Avoid cheap razors. This is an easy decision. But sometimes we fall for using cheap razors and a bar of soap in the shower to shave. It’s easy to opt for a cheap razor to save money.  Let’s talk about some of the negative benefits of using a cheap razor.  This can make your skin dry and when your skin is dry, it is more vulnerable to irritation and appearing more wrinkly.  Not the look you are going for, right?


It is important to have a razor that is not dull but will shave your facial hair with ease.  This will help reduce irritation and dryness of the face.  A moisturizing shaving gel is vital to providing a barrier of protection when shaving.  Shave in the shower when possible, as facial hair is much softer and you can avoid cleaning up a dirty sink!


  1. Don’t leave the house without applying moisturizer! Facial hair can be attractive on a guy, but what really looks great is when a man’s face doesn’t feel like sand paper.  Avoid having dry skin. Moisturizing daily can help reduce fine lines and help your skin looking brighter and younger.  For best results, apply moisturizer after getting out of the shower, or shaving. 


  1. Wear sunscreen. To help prevent sun damage which can cause, fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin cancer, apply sunscreen to all sun exposed areas on the skin.  For best protection from the sun, use a broad spectrum sunscreen that is at least 30 SPF.  If swimming, ensure to apply sunscreen every few hours.  You can also protect your skin by wearing clothing that covers up, or even sunglasses. 


  1. Wash your face after exercise. Exercising often leaves sweat and unwanted bacteria on the skin.  Make sure to shower or wash your face as soon as possible after exercising.  This will help reduce any dirt, oils, or body fluids clinging to your skin, which in turn could clog your pores. Use a facial scrub, if you don’t have a sink or shower available after working out, use cleansing facial wipes!


  1. Stay hydrated. Lotion is only half of the hydration battle.  Skin needs moisture from inside and out.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure you are staying hydrated.   Reduce the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumed, as this can cause dehydration.  When lotion or drinking water doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, enhance skin complexion with SkinMedica.


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