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Shoes Every Guy Should Own this Fall

by Zack Evar |

mens fall fashion shoes for fall beau brummell

Fall is here, and while you're putting your shorts away for the year, make sure to stash those sandals too. Let's rejoice, fall provides us with the most versatile wardrobe choices of any season (layering, anyone?). Right now, dressing up is all about comfort, warmth, and staying dry. But why not mix things up to add in some style? One of the best ways to do that is with shoes. If you're not someone who is super confident in putting together an outfit, here's a great tip: build your outfits from the shoes up. Choose an appropriate shoe for the occasion, and go from there, it makes getting dressed easier. With all the options available in our fall wardrobes, here are some must have footwear items every guy should have for fall.

Boots, boots, & more boots.

Boots are truly amazing. Somehow, they have the ability to dress up a casual outfit, and dress down a more formal outfit. Not only that, but they come in such a massive variety of materials, shapes, and colors, that they are an absolute must have, and not just for vanity. Boots keep our feet warm, dry, and protected. Let's take a look at some of the more essential items.

The chelsea boot

chelsea boot for men mens shoes beau brummell

Sleek lines and a minimalist look make this boot a favorite for many guys. Wear them with slim tailored slacks for a high end look. On a milder fall day, try them with jeans and a v-neck for a fashionable look. Available in suede and leather, there are lots of options to choose from. Pick a neutral color to ensure your pair will match with the most amount of outfits. With no laces to tie, this is one of the more comfortable options available. 

The cap toe boot

cap toe boot for men boots for men mens boots beau brummell

Not to be confused with wing tips, the cap toe style is a more modern boot that serves many purposes. This one can be worn to nearly any occasion, choose a pair in leather to maximize the capabilities. Worn with chinos, a button down, and a jacket, this look is perfect for your work day or a night out. The lack of wing tip like embellishments give this boot a top score for versatility, utility, and simplicity.  

The chukka

chukka boot beau brummell

The most casual of the boot options, the chukka is the every man's boot. This would be your choice for a day of apple picking, an afternoon hang out with friends, or just something to wear to the bar on game day. Featuring ankle high length and just 2-3 eyelets, this boot has a simple look, and casual fit. If you're only going to own 1 pair of boots, this just might be the style for you. 

Autumn appropriate sneakers

Sneakers are obviously a fan favorite for their wide range of styles, but many of those styles just don't work in fall. For starters, store those white low tops away with your sandals. It's not that they aren't nice, but the brightness screams summer, and with fall's weather, that white will certainly dirty up in no time. Try to wear sneakers when the time calls for it (the gym, taking the dog out for a walk, tailgating, etc.). When you're in the mood though, there's nothing wrong with rocking a nice pair of high tops.

sneakers mens shoes beau brummell

High tops are fall friendly, as they keep those ankles warm, and frankly look better when you're wearing long pants. It goes without saying that wearing sneakers makes puts your outfit on the casual/sporty side of things. 

Don't forget

  1. Always match your belt to your shoes. They should be the same color. 
  2. Shoe care isn't rocket science. Learn how to shine your shoes.
  3. Tie your outfit together by buying laces in different colors.

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