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A Guy's Guide to Spring

Spring is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. You're excited about being able to finally shed those layers. You are ready to try a new hairstyle. You're shopping for new and exciting clothes and accessories. Enjoy it while it lasts, it seems like in between seasons aren't lasting as long these days. Before we know it we'll be baking in the sun on the beach and dealing with sunburns. So take advantage and remember, spring is all about renewal! 
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How to stay fit on a busy schedule

Between working, having a social life and everything it entails, who has time to work out? Believe it or not, it’s not difficult to find time to stay fit, you just have to be creative.
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Natural Energy Boosting Tips

During the week, my day to day activities are pretty routine, I wake up early to go for a run, head to the office, go to the gym, and grab dinner and occasionally a drink. Because I’m always on the go I sometimes feel my energy levels start to dwindle.
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Post Workout Skin Care

If you’re using your time in the gym wisely, then excessive sweat is definitely going to happen. Combine that with the pollutants of the gym and the extra stress your skin goes through when you work out, and what you get is a Petri dish of bacteria that can cause acne and irritation. Here’s what you should be doing after a long workout.
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7 Grooming Resolutions for 2017

Many of us take this time to reevaluate ourselves and our lives and compile a list of resolutions or promises about how we will improve in the next year. Below I have 7 grooming resolutions for 2017 that will keep you looking and feeling your best in 2017.
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Exercising with your pets

Pets provide great partners when it comes to working out, but naturally, some pets tend to be better fitness partners than others. Dogs obviously top the list, but with the right kind of fitness plan, cats can also make the cut.
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Diet and Exercise During the Holidays

Holidays have the tendency to completely spoil a diet plan. Which means diet and exercise during the holidays should become a priority. 
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Five Best Winter Exercises

When winter kicks in, I am always tempted to slow down and stay indoors. While this may be excellent for my skin, just like charcoal for men's skin, keeping my skin feeling like a baby's butt is not going to keep me away from going wild on the slopes. Here are the Five Best Winter Exercises:
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Instant Mood-Boosting Tips

Sometimes there is no tangible reason for why you’re feeling down in the dumps, and it happens to the best of us. There are a few quick and really easy things that you could do to help your boost your mood on days when you aren’t feeling your best. Here are some instant mood-boosting tips!

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Best Time To Work Out

The holidays are right around the corner which means that most of us are lifting less weights and more shopping bags these days. Of course, as soon as January 2nd rolls around, many of us will flood the gym with our brand new gym clothes and newer New Year's resolutions. So to preempt those pesky questions comes January here is a quick guide to the best time to work out
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Importance Of Relaxation

Your work schedule is stressful. Be that as it may, you need to find time to just breathe. Maybe you need to take a moment to relax. Learn the importance of relaxation. The benefits of relaxation are vast.
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Tips for Looking Young

Looking young without effort is almost an exclusive domain of those who are truly young. The same is true with those who have the right gene pool. For the rest of the population, a plan and a regimen will help you gain a youthful look from head to toe.