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Tips for Looking Young

by Zack Evar |

Looking young without effort is almost an exclusive domain of those who are truly young. The same is true with those who have the right gene pool. For the rest of the population, a plan and a regimen will help you gain a youthful look from head to toe. It starts with the face, which is your most presentable asset – and then it goes down from there. The Gentlemen's Facial Mask, which includes charcoal for men's skin, is one of the more valuable tools to keeping your face smooth and elegant and maintaining the best men skin care. Here are some things that will get you back to a rocking presentation that makes you look younger than your birth certificate and driver’s license reveals.

  • Don’t let body hair do its own thing.

    Your hair probably has a mind of its own, but you don’t have to let it rule and reign. You need to make sure that you don’t have runaway eyebrows, long hairs sticking up and out in places where short hairs and minimal hairs are tolerable. If you stay true to trimming etiquette, you will be able to have youthful looking ears and nose just by keeping the hairs there invisible or in small amounts. While you’re at it, don’t let your chest hairs go berserk either. If they are not well-trimmed, you can at least keep them in hiding until you do something about them. That means no shirts with many buttons undone, no shirtless days – you can stave off these fashion habits until you get to a salon or do-it-yourself. If you go for professional or semi-professional, waxing may hurt, but it will do a better job of putting hair in its place.


You know if you are not the most astute hair stylist – there are professionals for that. If you can style your own hair, don’t do a quick job, and don’t let the harried and rushed stylist into your locks either. Strategize either way, by finding a photo of someone with a style that you like, and that is age appropriate for you. There are some hairstyles that defy age – you can find them by Googling under the subject. There are many hair magazines, look books and online images.

  • Be a dapper gentleman

    For any age, spiffy looking attire is a plus. This means ironed clothes with proper creases, if applicable. It also means polished or clean streak-free shoes and non-holey socks. If you wear sandals or other feet-revealing shoes – they should not be too big or have any portion of the foot overlapping.  In addition, your feet should be groomed, as in pedicured or otherwise taken care of. Make sure they have moisturizer as well. Use our walnut hand and foot scrub to keep your feet clean!

Dapper Man

  • You have to put your best face forward

This means you need to have a grooming regimen for your face. Get this jumpstarted by ordering our sample kit to see what works for you. You can also consult with a dermatologist, and tell them what troubles you. For example, you can say you are noticing fine lines, creases, crow’s feet, uneven skin tone, dark circles under the eyes and more. For the ultimate shave, try the Gentlemen's Shaving Cream, as well as the Gentlemen's Shaving Brush. The shaving brush will help you lather up your shaving cream and keep your shave smooth.  To keep your face smooth and elegant, you should try the gentlemen's facial mask . Our men's facial mask is perfect for keeping your face smooth, especially when followed by the gentlemen's facial moisturizer.


You might not be marathon or triathlon material, but you can make smart choices to look your best and show your best features. If you are a bit too thick and bulky, you can take two approaches. One: you can consult a fashion expert (private or at a men’s wear store) and find out how to dress to minimize the larger-than-life look. Two: you can start working on cutting a few calories and adding good cardio exercise to your lifestyle. Sometimes a few pounds will make a difference, as extra pounds add years (Easier said than done…I know!)

  • Be Sun Wise

Wearing shades can help prevent too much sun to the eyes – which can lead to wrinkles around the eyes due to squinting. You also need SPF protection for the rest of your face. SPF 30 sunscreen or better in one-ounce doses for the average body is what experts suggest. Hats with a wide brim, and spending some outdoor time in the shade are also ways to be sun wise.

Keep your pearly whites pearly and white.

There are dentists and products to help you with this. Enough said.

  • Check the mirror.

There’s nothing like spinach between your teeth, something dangling from your nose, crumbs around your mouth and other grooming overlooks that make you look like you are approaching old age dementia or senility. Spend some seconds or minutes glancing at a mirror and fix what’s wrong before presenting yourself to the world. Bathrooms have them, and so does your home and car. Take advantage of them.


  • According to WebMD, you can also stave off aging effects and wrinkles by keeping these things in mind: Back off from artificial tanning; cut back, quit or never start smoking; smile more; keep hydrated by drinking lots of water; eat healthily (vegetables, fruit, omega rich foods, etc); take vitamins if needed; get plenty of rest; don’t stress out too much and use a humidifier if you are around a lot of dry air (due to climate or other conditions).

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