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Best Time To Work Out

by Zack Evar |

The holidays are right around the corner which means that most of us are lifting less weights and more shopping bags these days. Of course, as soon as January 2nd rolls around, many of us will flood the gym with our brand new gym clothes and newer New Year's resolutions. So to preempt those pesky questions comes January here is a quick guide to the best time to work out:


You will hear a lot of people telling you that your morning workout schedule is ineffective and that working out in the evening is much better and has better results. Those people praise of the fact that you will burn the calories you accumulated during the day, and go to sleep while your metabolism still works.  Others will tell you that that whole evening workout thing can't possibly be as effective as it is claimed to be and that working out in the morning offers a jump start on your day, allowing your body to burn more calories throughout the day. So what is the best time?

The truth is the best time to work out generally depends on the person and not on any particular science. The only reason most people opt to work out in the morning is because they have busy work schedules and are unavailable to work out in the evening. Others prefer working out in the evening because that is the time when they can find a solid one or two hours for an effective workout.

The factors to consider are actually not about morning or evening but rather more about what suits you best. The questions you should be asking yourself are not about morning or evening. Instead, they are about when you can find enough time to work out. What time is a fitness trainer available. At what time are you less fatigued and more focused? What is the best time for you to maintain a workout schedule? Can you, for instance, work out at a set hour every day or every other day? Science suggests that our body is able to adapt to regular gym dates. If we exercise every day at a certain hour, eventually, we might perform better at that time than at any other time of day. Katie from agreed “I’d love to work out in the morning and get it over and done with. My schedule allows me to do either though I’m just not a morning person!”

Home or Gym?

Another important factor is whether you need to use the gym or whether you can work out at home. Then you should consider what time the gym is open. Adjust your workout, not based on morning or evening but rather based on your schedule preferences.

Finally, your core temperature is a crucial factor. Low body temperature leaves muscles stiff and susceptible to injuries. While higher body temperatures allow your muscles to be more flexible. Our body temperature increases throughout the day, so muscle strength and endurance normally increases in the early evening hours. During the early evening, our heart rate and blood pressure are also the lowest, which helps improving performance.  Make sure you keep your skin smooth and elegant with our Men's Facial Wash, which includes charcoal for men's skin, and check out our other guide to skin and working out.

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