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Exercising with your pets

by Zack Evar |

As any gym owner will tell you, the first week of January is the busiest time of the year at any gym. Armed with their New Year’s resolutions, all those who normally slack off suddenly decide to come to the gym. Also, all these extra holiday calories create a sense of urgency,  forcing many of us to step up our games.  So, for all of us who marked working out as a top priority for 2017, exercising with your pets is a great way to go that extra mile!

Pets provide great partners when it comes to working out, but naturally, some pets tend to be better fitness partners than others. Dogs obviously top the list, but with the right kind of fitness plan, cats can also make the cut.

When working out with your pet, remember that pets do not naturally sweat like we humans, they pant to cool off their bodies so especially during summer, go out during early morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are cooler. Learn about some summer skin care for men as well as charcoal for men's skin. Don't forget our premium grooming products.

Here are some other things to consider:

Nature of Pets

Labradors and golden retrievers are probably the best pet exercise buddies due to their bigger bodies and longer legs. They are anatomically built for long runs or long walks. If you have to exercise with smaller dog or cat breeds stick to shorter yet intense exercise to maximize the experience.

Exercising with your pets

Monitor the Pet

Always watch out for tell-tale signs of exhaustion in your pets. Regular hydration and healthy feeding, as well as properly timed rests in between the exercises, will protect them from heat strokes and injuries.

Have a Fitness Plan

Following a regular regiment will help the pet get used to the routine while allowing you to get the maximum benefit from the exercise. Set a regular duration and intensity of the exercise.  If you want to increase the range of exercise do it incrementally to avoid shocking the body as well as hurting the pet.

Interval walk  

 This makes for the best form of exercising with your pet. Don’t view walking your dog as an annoying chore, instead look at this as the best way to get your “steps” done and win your Fitbit challenge. Have fun with your dog while you’re at it!

Fetch tease for abs  

 This workout works well with smaller dog breeds. It simply involves you throwing the object a set distance away while targeting a particular number of stretches, push ups or abs exercises you’ll do by the time your pet gets the ball and comes back with it.

Fetch races

This works well with dogs, where you throw the ball a certain distance then you race with your pet on who will get to the ball first. It pushes both you and your dog!

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