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Five Best Winter Exercises

by Zack Evar |

When winter kicks in, I am always tempted to slow down and stay indoors. While this may be excellent for my skin, just like charcoal for men's skin, keeping my skin feeling like a baby's butt is not going to keep me away from going wild on the slopes. Here are the Five Best Winter Exercises, be sure to check out some of our premium grooming products too.


A snowshoe is like a big giant tennis racket meant to help you walk on ice without sinking in. It’s tied to the bottom of your foot and spreads your weight evenly across the print on snow, allowing you to move through the treacherous ice and snowy terrain in the wintertime without falling into cracks. Walking using the snowshoe is a truly exhilarating aerobic exercise, and definitely is a fun kind of sport to engage in during the dead of winter.

man skiing

Dog Sledding.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They’re friendly, cuddly and man’s best friend, yet they also are fierce, loyal and reliable mates when called for, especially during the winter weather.

Of course, a small pet like the little beagle isn’t really going to protect you or get you anywhere during wintertime. But having a pack of Huskies would certainly do the trick for you. Dog sledding involves a pack of dogs chained to a sled running through ice trails which can get to good speed and get your adrenaline rushing.

Ice Fishing

There is something incredibly fascinating about fishing in the wintertime. Ice fishing can be a fun sport, especially if you’re young. It helps if your dad’s really into it and goes with you on an ice fishing trip.

The most common species to fish for in ice fishing is walleye, pike, and whitefish. Catching a 10-pound fish is not uncommon, while some catch fish up to about 18 pounds.

Snow Tubing.

Snow tubing is more than an experience about skidding down smoothened ice slopes, though it’s great to move from one well-timed slopes to another down valleys and glaciers. Tubing is a great experience especially when carried out at night, the adrenaline rush and excitement is worth every minute of it.

Snow Sculpture Competitions

Snow sculpturing and the concept of them is one amazing sport to indulge in. Building or observing pieces of artworks from the freezing snowballs is a truly priceless winter experience. Even better is to show up in the many informal winter competitions. Where seasoned art sculptors design stunning ice images. They challenge themselves by developing a variety of themed ice pieces. The attention to detail and the igneous talent involved is just an incredible experience and opportunity to bond and build friendships. If building ice sculptures was a recognized competition, then ice sculpturing would be among the top sports in the world.

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