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Top Stocking Stuffers for Men

by Zack Evar |

‘Tis the season for giving and gift exchanging! With only a few more weeks until the end of the holiday season, it’s definitely time to cross some people off your list. For me, the men in my life are always the hardest to shop for. My mom and my girlfriend always have a wish list ready, which makes my holiday shopping so much easier, but my father, my brother, and my best buddies are not that vocal. For them, I often find that a few stocking stuffers are always the best route to go.

Stocking stuffers never get enough credit for how important they are in the gift giving part of the holiday season, because they are not big ticket items that take up space under the tree. However, stocking stuffers are my favorite kind of gifts. They often give you an opportunity to incorporate inside jokes or quirky interests and hobbies and usually end up having more sentimental value than whatever is in that big box. This year I’ve rounded up some of my favorite stocking stuffers to share with you.

Bluetooth/Wireless headphones

Whether he needs it for conference calls at work, is always listening to music, or constantly streams shows and movies on his phone, your favorite dude will appreciate a pair of good quality headphones. You can even purchase decals or specially made ones that incorporate a favorite team or band onto the headphones for a more personal touch.

Personal Grooming Products

For this category, it’s best to turn to items that you know he might not buy for himself, or that he can’t just pick up at the local drugstore. Gifting a grooming product does not mean sticking a shampoo bottle and a deodorant stick into his stocking, but instead, pick up a men’s facial mask that he probably wouldn’t think to put in his cart. Or with the cold weather in full force, choose a high-quality face moisturizer which includes charcoal for men's skin.  to keep his skin protected and flake free. If your man has a long beard or cool mustache style, get him a cedarwood beard conditioner and if he decides to shave, get him some shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave. Keep his hand smooth with hand repair lotion and walnut hand and foot scrub.

These kinds of stocking stuffers help to both look and feel great too! Be sure to also look into our premium grooming products.

Top Stocking Stuffers for Men

Sports Team Memorabilia

For any major sports team fan, anything that has his team logo on it will be a hit. Whether it is a hat, a mug, or a wall decal, I guarantee you it will get used on a regular basis.

Graphic T-Shirts

Any one of the guys on my list would appreciate a good graphic tee shirt. Whether it make you laugh, relates to his favorite movie, or features his favorite band, graphic tees are always a hit. According to this new study conducted by the folks over at That Sweet Gift, clothing is the most desired Christmas gift of nearly half the men out there, so a graphic tee will keep that in mind while also specifically catering to his tastes. 

Bow-Ties, Fashion Socks, and Cool Boxers

Small clothing items are always perfect stocking stuffers. Bow-ties are making a huge comeback, so gifting a neutral, good quality one will help keep your favorite guy trendy and stylish. Socks and boxers can never go wrong. Go for bright colors and patterns or try to find something that relates to a special interest. For example, if he’s a golfer socks that feature golf clubs or green boxers with golf balls would be perfect.

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