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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Gift Giving

by Zack Evar |

The first week of December is drawing to a close, which means the Holiday season is now in full swing- holiday movies on every channel, decorations up the wazoo, and holiday party invitations filling my inbox. This time of year also forces me to do one of my least favorite things- shopping. While I absolutely love the idea of giving a meaningful present or two to the people I love, the idea of going into a crowded mall or even surfing the multitude of e-commerce sites on the web, puts me in a sheer panic. I genuinely want the presents I give to be thoughtful and personal, but I never know where to start. Below are some great gift ideas that I have picked up from friends and relatives over the years. Here is The Lazy Man's Guide to Gift Giving!


Contrary to popular belief, socks are the best gift you can give to any adult that you know. Everyone uses them, and everybody has several mysterious pairs of socks that have gone missing, so receiving a pair or two will definitely put a smile on someone’s face. To make it extra special, you can invest in a few pairs that have fun, trendy designs or patterns.

Online Subscriptions

There isn’t anyone I know that does not subscribe to a video streaming app, like Netflix or Hulu. A fun idea is to purchase a few months to an online streaming app that you know your friend isn’t subscribed to. This will give them the opportunity to try something new without having to commit any money from their own pocket. Plus who wouldn’t appreciate an excuse to binge watch a newly discovered program?

Grooming Products

Beauty and primping products make great sets, especially for your guy buddies who could use the extra pampering but may not think to buy the products for themselves. Of course, we offer many grooming products that are perfect as holiday presents. For the ultimate shave, buy a shaving cream, which includes charcoal for men's skin, and shaving brush combo, or gets our holiday special which makes the perfect gift.

If your man also has a long beard or mustache style get him a cedarwood beard conditioner. Keep his hand smooth with hand repair lotion and walnut hand and foot scrub. Look into a few of our other premium grooming products.

The Lazy Man's Guide to Gift Giving

Activity Presents

Buying a certificate for an activity that you know the person you are shopping for would be interested in is an easy way to give an extremely personal gift without using much effort on your part. We all have that one buddy that is always talking about how he would love to go skiing, why not purchase a certificate for a weekend at a ski-lodge or even some ski lessons. You obviously don’t have to purchase and book an entire trip, but I guarantee you, he’d appreciate anything you do to help get the ball rolling.

Scarves and Gloves

The holidays are usually a stressful time for many of us, but we should never forget what the spirit of the season is truly about. Hopefully, by taking some of the burden off of your shopping stress, you’ll be able to enjoy the season and also feel good about what presents you’re giving away this year.

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