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Grooming Your Hip Beard

by Zack Evar |

Walk into any popular pub or night spot or take a look around the next time you are at a ball game. You will notice that beards have pretty much taken over as the most relevant trend of the season. Whether you are sporting a full grown beard or a tamer, more subtle stubble, odds are your beard is your most favorite fashion accessory. There are holiday parties, family get-togethers, and holiday photo ops on the horizon. So it will definitely pay off to learn some quick and easy ways to keep your beard looking its best. Make sure you are grooming your hip beard and utilizing the best men skin care!

Trim & Sculpt

Odds are you are going to need to trim your beard and ‘stache. Shave away any stray hairs more than once this holiday season. Start by combing your beard straight with a fine tooth comb or a brush. Make sure to remove any tangles. Then trimming to your desired length with a pair of snipping scissors or a beard trimmer. Be sure not to wet your beard before the trim, as wet hair tends to be longer, and you don’t want to cut away too much.

Once you have gotten your beard to the desired length, it’s time to sculpt around the edges with a close, wet shave. Start with a hot towel over your chin and neck to open your pores. Use a bulb-shaped shaving brush to gently lather your face with our creamy shaving cream for the ultimate shave, which includes charcoal for men's skin, and then slowly shave any strays with a sharp straight razor. Be sure to go with the grain of your hairs and to take your time for a smooth, nick-free shave. When you are done shaving, wash your face with the best facial cleanser for men and cold water to help keep ingrown hairs and irritation away. Be sure to look into our other premium grooming products!

Keep it Clean

Almost nothing is less attractive than a beard that smells like last night’s beer and burgers. So make sure to keep your beard nice and clean. I recommend washing your beard at least 2 times a week, maybe more depending on that week’s activities. If you have a long beard or mustache styles use a cedarwood beard conditioner to help out.  If you are like me and believe that the fewer products on your vanity the better, then your regular shampoo and conditioner is fine. These products are designed for hair and won’t strip your beard of any of its natural oils.


Once your beard is trimmed and clean comes the creative part! I won't write too much about this myself because my friends over at Balding Beards created a fantastic style guide showing 68 of the more modern facial hair Styles. It even explains which styles work best with each head shape! I would definitely recommend you check them out.

Jingle Beard Away

One of the latest trends in the world of beards is the Holiday Beard. Similar to how most of us create hideous holiday sweaters to remain festive and jolly during the season, people all around the country are now decorating their well-groomed beards with everything from ribbons to ornaments to even glitter. This delightful idea of covering your facial hair to show off your holiday spirit has almost immediately gone viral. It is taking over social media with a vengeance, and I’m happy to share this latest style with all of you. Enjoy your holiday season and don’t forget to cleanse and moisturize your face as after you're done with the glitter! Keep your hands smooth and clean with hand repair lotion and walnut and foot scrub.

grooming your hip beard


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