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5 Ways to Get a Longer Lasting Shave

If done properly, getting a clean-cut shave is perhaps the best treat your skin could ever hope for. But what is there to about that pesky hair growing right back again? Unfortunately, there’s nothing to be done. Hair will go back on your face, one way or another. Still, there are some things you could try to make that shave last even longer.
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7 Traits of Growing a Successful Beard

Men who want to grow a successful beard need to have a good plan and stick to it. For some men, beards aren't even something they need to think about; they can have them without any effort. But, most men actually do need to have certain traits of growing a successful beard.
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Parlor Talk with Ian & Sean

Lots of fun with the guys from Sean Daniel Music. Here is there review of our Cedarwood Beard Conditioner.
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Mustache Styles

Our favorite mustache styles Fall 2017 has come and the time for wasting perfectly good shaving cream is over. It’s now time to trim and shape to a...
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Tips for Avoiding Beard Dandruff

Dandruff is unattractive. Period. But when it speckles your beard, well that’s just the stuff of nightmares. The flakes of dead skin can ruin even the best beard grooming efforts
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How to fix a patchy beard

I had one of those babyfaces well into my 20's and couldn't grow an impressive beard no matter how hard I tried. It feels good when you finally grow a beard, but not all beards grow the same.
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How to Deal with Nicks and Cuts from Shaving

Below are some more efficient, less embarrassing home remedies that will help treat shaving nicks and cuts. The best part of all these tricks is that they incorporate tools that are probably already in your medicine cabinet.
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Grooming Your Hip Beard

Walk into any popular pub or night spot or take a look around the next time you are at a ball game. You will notice that beards have pretty much taken over as the most relevant trend of the season. Whether you are sporting a full grown beard or a tamer, more subtle stubble, odds are your beard is your most favorite fashion accessory.
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Guide to the Perfect Shave

Shaving is an art. Techniques and equipment change over time - here we outline how to prep your skin, the best practices for shaving, post shave, and everything in between. This is our guide to the perfect shave.
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Facial Hair Trends and How to Make Them Work For You

Growing a beard in winter…going cleanly shaven in summer…and testing out other styles in between. Facial hair is a great way to jazz up your appearance without breaking the bank