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7 Traits of Growing a Successful Beard

by Daniel Evar |

Men who want to grow a successful beard need to have a good plan and stick to it. For some men, beards aren't even something they need to think about; they can have them without any effort. But, most men actually do need to have certain traits of growing a successful beard. Having a beard isn't only a matter of having good genes. These traits will ensure that any man who usually wouldn't be able to grow a successful beard, can do it now. We're all aware of the fact that most women find men with great beards more attractive. That's why focusing on your beard is a very important part of making sure you look appealing.

#1: Taking good care of your skin

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It all starts with making sure you're skin is properly taken care of. In order for a beard to grow, you need to moisturize your skin. Most men ignore this crucial step in growing their beards. If your skin isn't nourished, then your beard won't have a good base. If you have some sparse areas, you should look further to see if there's an underlying skin problem.

#2: Sticking To Maintainable Beard Style

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Beard style is very important for growing a successful beard. Why? Because you'll lose all motivation for the healthy routines you've managed to develop if you need to worry about maintenance constantly. Not only that, but constant timing can cause some strain on your follicles. Choosing a maintainable beard style will ensure that you don't have to have as many trims.

#3: Take Extra Care Of The Beard


Only a small number of men have heard about a beard shampoo. Beard shampoos have been popular for a while now and for a good reason. If you're growing your beard really long, you'll have to clean it well. Nobody wants to have an unclean beard. But, normal shampoos and especially soaps tend to remove the natural hair sebum causing the hairs to become thinner. Beard shampoos are most popular among men who live in big cities. These men understand the massive amount of bacteria out there that can hinder successful beard growth. We recommend using our face wash, which won't strip away all of your much needed naturally occurring oils. 

#4: Focusing On A Good Diet

 healthy food healthy skin healthy hair beau brummell

Diet for growing a successful beard is quite simple. Consume lots of beans, fish, lean meats, poultry, eggs, rice, and drink lots of milk. To put it even more simply, anything that contains vitamin B will positively affect your beard.

#5: Exploring Additional Help

 vitamins beau brummell

A lot of men turn to supplements when they haven't seen any results with other beard growing methods. It's an excellent choice for men who really need extra help. Some supplements are much more helpful than others. For example, Mucuna Pruriens, an Indian herbal supplement that's usually given to Parkinson's disease patients is also used for beard growth. This is because it contains lots of L-Dopa chemicals which raise your testosterone levels. When those are high, your beard will grow much faster.

#6: Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

 healthy lifestyle fitness exercise beau brummell

Of course that this an important trait to have for beards. The main reason? It's because stress can decrease beard volume. It can even cause the hairs to start falling off. Exercising even two days a week can reduce your stress which then will ensure that your beard is growing in a healthy way.

#7: Being Persistent

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The number one trait of growing a successful beard is persistence. The beard won't grow magically; you need to make sure you're sticking to all of the advice you've been given. Of course, it can be frustrating if you've been trying for a while now and your beard still isn't looking successful. But, that doesn't mean that you should just give up and shave it all off. Give it some time, especially if you're younger. Beards become more successful over the years.


Growing a successful beard can be very simple. The main thing you should focus on is being constant in your beard care. Successful beards won't grow overnight; it takes serious yet very simple effort. 

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