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Mustache Styles

by Zack Evar |  | 1 comment

Our favorite mustache styles

Fall 2017 has come and the time for wasting perfectly good shaving cream is over. It’s now time to trim and shape to achieve the ultimate shave. Many different mustache styles are available to choose from. They all differ greatly in the message you send out, although there are two things they all have in common. That is keeping your upper lip warm and upping your manliness game. Here are are some of our favorite mustache styles to get you on your way. Don't forget to use some beard oil to keep your mustache looking clean. Enjoy!

The Handlebar Mustache

Mustache styles, mustache style, handlebar mustache The Handlebar Mustache

A fine lengthy and curly mustache, bearing the comical name of a bicycle part, the handlebar mustache is proud and dignified nonetheless. Despite its name, this is one of the more challenging mustaches to pull off and one of the hippest facial hair trends around. It is something for the more hardcore facial hair enthusiast because it demands patience both when growing it and grooming after. That is because of its length and the fact that the upward curve can only be achieved with careful styling, most often with mustache wax. The end result can prove magnificent, making this a great look for this fall.

The Chevron Mustache

Being synonymous with Tom Selleck, the Chevron look is not only easy to achieve, but it’s stylish to boot. In fact, where ease is concerned, it might be first on the simple mustache styles list. Mustache grooming-wise, pretty much everything that it needs is cutting off any hairs below the upper lip. Coming straight from the 1970s and 1980s, it is making a comeback in recent years and it looks like it’s here to stay. One of the main attractions of the Chevron mustache is its raw display of masculinity since it exhibits the full thickness of facial hair that the person can manage. It’s seductive and intense, and a definite good choice for the fall of 2017.

The Pencil Mustache

This style gets its name because of its neatness, comparable to a mustache that is so well shaped that it looks like it has been drawn with a pencil. Just look at Brad Pitt!  If you were wondering, this is supposed to be a compliment, even something positive and desired in this look. It is achieved by leaving a thin mustache line adjacent to, or slightly above the upper lip with a gap present between the nose and the mustache. It is especially useful to know how to properly trim a mustache if you are interested in this style. The pencil mustache has never really waned in popularity and has a neat, timeless look.

The English Mustache

The English mustache is best described with a singular word – slender. It is achieved by parting the mustache down the middle while extending it outward at the same time. The tips can also be slightly raised. It is a stylish look for the 2010s, and this mustache style is viable even for those who may not be able to grow out thick facial hair. The name itself is also certainly no joke. Going back to World War I, for more than 50 years it was mandatory for every British soldier to have a mustache, proving how essential it was in their culture.

The Dali Mustache

Named for the eccentric and attention-grabbing artist Salvador Dali, the Dali mustache’s main features are its slender look and radical upward curl. It is one of the head turners in the facial styling industry and it requires a considerable amount of styling aids. This is not something anyone can simply wake up with. The fall of 2017 is the perfect time for this kind of playfulness. It is Movember after all.


The Horseshoe Mustache

Also known as the biker mustache, this mustache style is widely associated with toughness. And no wonder, ever since the early days of his career, professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has never been seen without his horseshoe mustache... Not only does this mustache look good, but passing your hand over it and smoothing it out feels amazing as well. If you decide to grow out your facial hair, then this is a good choice because of two main reasons. There is no need for either special products nor grooming, the only maintenance needed is trimming.

The Walrus Mustache

mustache styles, mustach styles, teddy roosevelt, walrus mustache, president The Walrus Mustache - Teddy Roosevelt

Aptly named for the walrus’ whiskers, the walrus mustache is one that is thick, bushy and drops over the mouth. This description does not do it justice because, on some people, it looks genuinely good, just like Teddy Roosevelt. In reality, it is hands down the easiest mustache to grow if you have wiry facial hair. All it needs is a little time and everything else will follow itself. The only thing it needs is a parting over the lip and the occasional combing through to make it look more presentable. This style is more often sported by older gentlemen, however, this might be considered as an advantage, since it gives off a more mature presence.

All Natural Mustache

Well, if you really want to go crazy with it, and that’s sarcasm, of course, you can always just go for a natural mustache. The natural mustache is mainly defined by its natural look, naturally. It is also easy to maintain and part of its beauty is that no styling aids are needed at all. A good combing every now and again is all that it requires, and everything else is left up to nature to do. Even though this is one of the simple mustache styles, it doesn’t mean that it is not worth your while, it is still a very good look for the fall of 2017.

How to grow a mustache

Growing out a mustache is never quick or easy. It’s always best to start by growing out the whole beard first. Look into our guides on grooming your hip beard, tips for avoiding beard dandruff, and how to fix a patchy beard.  That is because forcing a thin mustache off the bat almost never looks good and can easily be avoided by following the before mentioned step. Once you have that figured out, all that remains is patience and a half-decent trimmer. Managing your mustache with a razor alone can be very risky, and even impossible for some mustache styles. For that reason, even the most inexpensive beard trimmer can prove invaluable in the growth and development of your mustache.

There are some basic lifestyle choices that can also stunt your facial hair growth. Keeping the face and mustache regularly washed and clean is very important because oil, dirt and dead skin can prevent hair follicles from breaking through. It's important to keep your face clean if you have sensitive skin and are planning to shave. In that way, making sure the follicles are not impeded can substantially hasten the wanted result. Another important thing is moisturizing, to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. All in all, the most important thing to consider is time. Nobody has grown a full mustache overnight, and nobody will, so just put it aside in your mind and you will be sporting that handsome mustache before you know it. Make sure you use the best facial cleanser for men.

Do a little investing

A little bit of commitment can get you a long way. Getting a decent trimmer, mustache comb and wax can really set you apart from the rest. Lastly, make sure to keep your facial hair nicely conditioned with a daily dose of beard conditioner. When things get a bit bushy, take a look at our pick for the best, and the most inexpensive beard trimmer you can find. 

And remember, when growing a good mustache is in question, time is all you need.

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    Excellent. Absolutely loved reading and very helpful at the same time.

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