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Guide to the Gentlemen's Suit

by Zack Evar |  | 1 comment

The gentleman’s suit fashion-guide

Every aspiring gentleman needs to start somewhere and that entails two things. Procurement - finding a suit, shoes, belt and all the other pieces that might be wanted in the outfit is one part. The second part is slightly harder because it entails successfully assembling and pulling off that outfit. This is nothing impossible, but it does demand time and effort. You should know how to dress to get noticed. While finding the perfect suit is important, keeping your face smooth is also important or looking into the right mustache styles. Make sure you check out our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave, and keep your face smooth with our face scrub and face moisturizer. As well as the best facial cleanser for men!

elegant beau brummell for men, suits, menswear, mens fashion, suitKnow your measurements

Where suit fashion comes in question, so do the measurements. Because different brands have different styles and stock sizes, relying on a single number on a suit is preposterous. Successful gentlemen's attire needs to be on point, dimension wise. That’s why every aspiring suit wearer needs to be aware of their own unique measurements, starting from the total height and weight of the person to tiny individual measurements of the chest, back, arms and so on.

In ideal circumstances, every gentleman needs to have a tailor he trusts. This might come as an added cost and not something everyone can afford, but there is nothing better than a tailor-made suit. The next best approach is having your store-bought suit altered and fitted to your specifications. In any case, unless a touch-up is done, the chances of finding a ready-made suit that will fit you perfectly are slim to none. There are simply too many measurements that differ from person to person which only a tailor will be able to readjust.

Having your own tailor proves to be more of a necessity than a choice for other reasons as well. Not many people in the industry can educate you or give you better advice on your suit than a tailor can. After all, that is a person who sees hundreds of new suits every month, a person who lives and breathes gentleman's fashion. As his customer, he will always take care of you and do everything in his power to keep you looking good.

What to look for when buying

Men's suits in 2017 encompass a broad variety, it is indeed a good time to be alive! The fashion world only keeps growing bigger, and fashions dont seem as seasonal these days as they used to. So, from lapel style to the number of rows of buttons, anything you can envision is included in men’s suit styles and will potentially look good on you. Here, consulting with a tailor can also prove monumentally beneficial in cementing your jacket choices.

After the top part, come the trousers. They are always preferred to be of the same material, although this is not necessarily a rule. A more rebellious look can also be achieved this way while maintaining a dapper appearance. On the other hand, what is not optional is the trouser length. They need to start at the top of your hip bone and stretch down to the top of the shoes. Another rule of thumb is that they should never be loose or too tight.

There are many schools of thought on socks, although they all do agree on one thing, white socks are always the worst possible option. What works are socks that match some other article of clothing besides the shoes or trousers? This way they break out and are noticeable, giving the outfit more character. That’s why pairing them with a shirt, tie, or even handkerchief are good ideas to consider. With that in mind, there is a growing fashion trend of patterned or even printed socks that mismatch with the whole outfit. Do this at your own risk! If you're going to wear some statement socks, its best to do so at less formal occasions. Be sure to learn about how to be the best dressed guy at your holiday party.

A good dress shirt is a must where suit fashion is concerned. That’s where the measurements come to help again. The shirt needs to be close-fitting so that there are no ripples or loose material. The other important thing is whether the shirt sleeves show when you have your jacket on, and the ideal answer would be for them to show for about half of an inch off the cuffs. The color of the shirt should always be brighter than the jacket so that it can add contrast.

A good tie is the next logical step in procurement. The first and pretty much only rule of any value when picking a tie is the length and width it should be. This is determined by two factors, how tall you are and how wide the lapel of the jacket is. When it’s all said and done and you're suited up, your tie should rest comfortably on your belt and not above or below it. The width needs to be no wider than the jacket's lapels. Lastly, the color of the tie should match another accessory in your ensemble, and should contrast against your dress shirt.

The last part (and most fun), are the rest of the accessories. These additions are always welcome when they are properly done of course. A good place to look to for wrist wear will always be vintage wristwatches, although many modern designs can do the trick as well. The thing to look out for the most is the face size. If they are too small or too big, they will stand out, and not in a good way. Electronic watches that give off light should be avoided as well.

How to wear them

The biggest mistake anyone can make is to assemble an outfit and just throw it on. There are concrete and well established do’s and don’ts that you should be aware of. Starting from the top, pay special attention to the shoulder pads and the shirt’s collar. The shoulder pads can never hang off the sides and the shirt’s collar needs to be snug between the lapels without any dead space in between. This is the easiest way to check for a good fit.

There is also a certain etiquette with buttoning suit jackets that every gentleman should be aware of. With two-button jackets, only the top button should ever be fastened in order to maintain a more balanced proportion. On the other hand, with the three-button suit, the norm is the fastening of the middle button, however, the top one may be done as well. The common consensus, however, is that the bottom button should never be fastened, if nothing else, out of etiquette.

Never, ever should anyone wear both belt and suspenders. This is simply grotesque and even though it is something rarely seen, it belongs in the darkest corners of shunned men’s fashion.

When wearing leather shoes, it is expected to wear a matching color leather belt. So if one is black, so should the other, and the same goes for brown. This might seem old-fashioned for some in the world of modern gentleman's attire, however, it is something that has been time proven and is not likely to change. It is something ingrained in the natural laws of fashion and is best obeyed.

By following these simple advice for men’s suit styles, you can easily avoid making some embarrassing mistakes, while getting some added help in looking handsome as well.

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