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The Ultimate Cufflinks Guide

So you are looking to invest in some cufflinks but don’t know enough about them, their history, what styles are available or even when to wear them. Well, fear not, as below you will find a handy guide that will answer all of the questions you may have.
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Guide to the Gentlemen's Suit

Where suit fashion comes in question, so do the measurements. Because different brands have different styles and stock sizes, relying on a single number on a suit is preposterous. Successful gentlemen's attire needs to be on point, dimension wise.
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Different Types of Tie Knots, and the Occasion for Each

There is no better symbol of gentle-manliness and formal wear than the suit and necktie. Choosing from the many different tie knots is a simple way of expressing taste and class. 
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Ultimate Grooming Routine

At Beau Brummell, we spend a lot of time analyzing men's skin, and tailoring our products to it. What is the ultimate men's grooming routine? It differs depending on your skin type, though there are some essential pillars that every man should be knowledgeable about.
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A Great Smile Says a Lot

A smile can win over a new customer, connect you with a stranger, or smooth over an awkward situation. A smile can open doors. Having a great smile says a lot: that you are confident, approachable, and purposeful.
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The importance of skincare

Taking care of your skin can seem like a chore with all the other things you have to do to look good: stay in shape, eat right, get your hair cut, take care of your clothes, etc.  Not to mention all you have to do in general. But as one of your body’s biggest organs and its best defense against infection, there are a lot more reasons besides your appearance why taking care of your skin is worth making part of your daily routine.
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Last Minute Dinner Party Hacks

When you are planning a last minute dinner party or BBQ, you should immediately start planning. Create a timeline of things you need to buy and a to-do list. Think about how many people are coming and what type of food you will be cooking.
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Stylist Spotlight Royal Studio: Superior Mens Grooming

As part of our new Stylist Spotlight series, we want to recognize the great stylists, barbers and beauty professionals who are helping guys find their inner gentleman.
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Be the Best Dressed Guy at Your Holiday Party

Thanksgiving is this week, officially opening the holiday season with its many holiday parties. So how can you dress to impress without looking like you are trying too much? Here is our quick guide on how to be the best dressed guy at your holiday party.
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Guide to Shaving Brushes - Different Badger Hair Grades

For those new to the art of the wet shave, the huge array of options and varieties of all the different types of equipment can become confusing. One of the most puzzling things for a novice can be the different types of hair grades that are available when choosing a shaving brush to use with your shaving cream for the ultimate shave.
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Importance Of Relaxation

Your work schedule is stressful. Be that as it may, you need to find time to just breathe. Maybe you need to take a moment to relax. Learn the importance of relaxation. The benefits of relaxation are vast.
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Fighting Oily Skin Woes

Sometimes oily skin is a blessing and a curse. Because of the active glands, you may be less prone to wrinkling and showing signs of old age. At the same time, you are more prone to break outs of pimples, acne, blemishes and more.