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Guide to Shaving Brushes - Different Badger Hair Grades

by Zack Evar |

For those new to the art of the wet shave, the huge array of options and varieties of all the different types of equipment can become confusing. One of the most puzzling things for a novice can be the different types of hair grades that are available when choosing a shaving brush to use with your shaving cream for the ultimate shave. Badger hair is the most absorbent natural fiber in the world of shaving brushes and is the easiest, many practical choices for both new and experienced shavers. Badger hair is typically broken down into different hair grades or classifications. However, there is no set standard for badger hair grade; and descriptions and breakdowns can differentiate depending on the brand. Keep reading for a better explanation of attributes and benefits of each different grade and a continuation to our guide to shaving brushes. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to use our beard conditioner.

Pure Badger Hair

Pure badger hair is the most basic of the hair grades. It is the least expensive since it is the most readily available. This is the perfect grade for beginners who want to familiarize themselves with the equipment and proper shaving process before investing in higher end equipment. These type of brushes range in color from dark tan to black and have trimmed bristles which make for a very coarse feeling. This coarseness is great for exfoliating the face and also helps to create a lather by agitating the soap against your bowl or mug.

Best badger grade

Best badger grade is usually derived from the badger belly and has a light brown to gray color. A shaving brush for men is the best for those that like to use denser shaving creams because they require more water to create a quality lather. Best badger is much softer than the pure badger grade. Our shaving brush is in this category. These brushes usually offer the best value for shavers because it gives them higher quality without really breaking the bank.



Super badger grade

Super badger grade features finer bristles for a super soft feel with almost no coarseness. Most brushes in this grade are black with white tips. Shorter, finer bristles create a more luxurious feel against the face. They offer a richer lather to those that are truly looking for the pampered feeling. A wet shave can provide this. Super Badger is usually the highest grade available for most brands can be significantly more expensive than the other classes.


Silver Tip Badger Hair

Silver Tip Badger hairs are found only in the neck of the badger. It is the rarest and highest grade of brush hairs. They have the most luxurious natural tips and never artificially colored. Ultra-Soft and extremely delicate Silver Tip Badger grade brushes provide a luxurious massage across the face. Bristles for this brush have superior water absorbency and are the finest available worldwide. Needless to say, these brushes will be the most expensive and is best for experts or collectors.

Man shaving

Because badger shaving brushes are made of genuinely natural material. Each brush is one of a kind. Even if two brushes are considered to be in the same hair grade. When shopping around for your perfect men shaving brush. You will notice that there are no real industry standards or guidelines. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits and differences between the different types of hair grades in order to interpret the different classifications of different brands and manufacturers.

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