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The Art of Manscaping

by Zack Evar |

You treat your body as a temple, but in order to keep it in tip top shape, it needs care, or it will fall into disrepair in a myriad of ways. Men don’t talk much about their manscaping habits, but believe me, If you don’t do regular manscaping, there will be tell-tell signs; ranging from too much hair or hair in places where it shouldn’t be, to unnecessary roughness around your bush. Your precious package requires something more than a slash job during a shower. You need to have the right approach so that you don’t have to endure embarrassment, infection, bad bleeding or excessive pain. Here are some tips for manscaping your gentleman zone the right way. To learn more about hair, check out our facial hair trends guide.

art of manscaping

The Hair Down There

That thatch or thicket of hair down there is probably made up of tight and curly hairs. These types of hair require special treatment and care. Go for special scissors, ones made for this type of hair and this location of hair. A beauty supply store or drug store chain should carry the right scissors. You do want to do quite a bit of your work with scissors, even though you may add razors for some of the work (just don’t use electrical ones near water).

Your man parts should be freshly showered, bathed or cleaned. The scissors should be sterile. This will cut down on infections, in case you make a cut or nick during your process. If you really know what you are doing, the shower may be the best place, because you are wet and lathered up while there. Speaking of lathering, make sure you use the Gentlemen's shaving cream, which includes charcoal for men's skin,  before starting – and make sure it doesn’t have too much in the way of fragrance or dyes. Massaging the product into your skin will help. For the ultimate shave, try our shaving brush along with the shaving cream as well. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, make sure you check out our beard conditioner.

art of manscaping

Don’t cut the hairs too short. If you do, you could irritate the skin underneath, leave it too vulnerable to outside intruders like dirt/dust. Make sure you leave a little less than a half inch of hair behind. Leaving an adequate length of hair will also ensure that you have little or no ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are caused when skin becomes inflamed due to hair(s) that grows back into the skin.

Keep in mind that it’s a skin and hair job, not just a skin job or a hair job.

Before you start, check out the hairs there. See which way they grow, and make an accurate mental note of it. It is this information which will determine which direction you shave. Which should be in the same direction of growth, not against it. You probably don’t mind checking out your nature, so don’t cut this mirror time too short. You might also take this time to notice the way your family jewels are designed. The thin skin and the many wrinkles and folds means you have to take it slow and steady down there.

When you are done with your manscaping, make sure that you also use good quality body lotion in each and every part that came close to steel sharpness. Learn more about other products, like the men's facial mask, as well as our face moisturizer.

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