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Eyebrow Grooming Guide

Eyebrow grooming is something quick and simple that can make a big difference in your appearance, and confidence. Needing a little help is nothing to be embarrassed about, and grooming them doesn’t take up that much time that you’d just give up on them.
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How to get rid of excess body hair

Body hair is such a touchy subject for me. On the one hand, the macho in me sees it as a validation of my manhood. On the other hand, it’s hair. It grows everywhere. It’s not very aesthetic, and it’s a pain to manage.
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Tips for taking care of your eyebrows

Eyebrows are probably something you don’t think about often but with a little grooming, they can really improve your look. If the eyes are the windows to the soul think of your eyebrows as the frames. So, here are a few men's skin care tips for taking care of your eyebrows.
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Making a Good First Impression

We live in a judgmental world. All it takes is a small quick glance and people are immediately sizing you up by your appearance, demeanor, and manners. Once you meet a person for the first time, it can’t be undone. You know what they say, you have only one chance to make that first impression, so make sure it’s a good one!
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The Art of Manscaping

You treat your body as a temple, but in order to keep it in tip top shape, it needs care, or it will fall into disrepair in a myriad of ways.
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Grooming Habits She Will Notice

Whether you have a special love interest, or you’re trying to attract one, she is going to notice whether you groom to make her swoon. Here are some grooming habits she will notice and maintain the best men skin care.
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Guide to Shaving Your Head

Shaving your head may seem like an easy thing to do, but you do have skin, brain and a skull underneath that hair that you’re getting rid of so you better do it right. Shaving your hair the right way, with the right tools and supplies can save you a lot of grief in the long run. Here are some ideas to guide you in the process.
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Guide to Getting Rid of Nose and Ear Hair

The dreaded nose and ear hair… As we age we all need to deal with this problem. Ironically, as many of us lose hair on our heads, we tend to grow it in our noses and ears. So here is our guide to getting rid of nose and ear hair.