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Eyebrow Grooming Guide

by Zack Evar |

Eyebrow Grooming

Eyebrow grooming is something quick and simple that can make a big difference in your appearance, and confidence. Needing a little help is nothing to be embarrassed about, and grooming them doesn’t take up that much time that you’d just give up on them. Here are some tips for taking care of your eyebrows, and to start things off, three things that will tell you when you need to do some eyebrow grooming.

  1. Symmetry – The eyebrows should be mirrored and look the same.
  2. Width and depth - The eyebrows should frame the eyes.
  3. Divided eyebrows – The eyebrows should always be separate.

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If any of these standards are not met, then some eyebrow grooming is in order. You can still make it one of your 7 grooming resolutions for 2017! As previously mentioned, it doesn’t require big chunks of time like a haircut for an instance, although considering having them done by a grooming professional is never a bad idea. They can give you some insight, lower the risk of over plucking, and most importantly, bring down the level of discomfort. These are definitely grooming habits she will notice, and it can also be a few grooming tips you can learn from your girlfriend.

What are your options?


Plucking is the standard in men’s eyebrow grooming since they usually don’t need much done. Plucking your eyebrows is essentially a cleanup job. Since most men aren't looking for any sculpting/shaping, simply taking care of the stragglers to reveal a neat and natural look will suffice.

Tweezers are pretty self-explanatory. Grab a hair (or clump of hairs) and use a swift motion to pull them out. Keep it nice and simple, and use them primarily for plucking out stray hairs around the edges of the eyebrow. Plucking is also recommended for separating the eyebrows above the nose since that is a more delicate procedure. If things get a little painful, have an ice cube on hand to numb the area.


For guys who have long eyebrows, a trimmer will be your best friend. And since most guys have a trimmer already, there is no added expense here. Trimmers keep hair length under control, which can reduce bushiness. In any case, having an eyebrow trimmer handy, as an option, is never a bad idea. Use a comb to find an even length, and buzz away the excess.


Think of waxing as similar to plucking, with an area of effect added. It’s great, time-wise, when more than a few hairs are needed to be removed and it can also be less painful than plucking. Waxing removes the hairs whole which prevents unruly roots from sprouting in their place. On the other hand, applying wax around the eye is fairly challenging and can require some outside help. For that reason, going to a professional is always a good idea.

If you’ve decided to do it by yourself, however, please note that you should focus on two things. The first is to carefully read the waxing kit instructions, and if it’s your first time trying that particular one out, test it on your wrist. The second thing is that you need to remove any dirt around the eyebrows perfectly, so waxing after a facial scrub or a face mask works best.


This is a simple technique with two entwined strings that catch and pull out hairs between them. Threading has a lot of benefits for men’s eyebrow grooming because it is almost as fast as waxing, while a lot more precise. That’s provided it’s being done by someone who knows what they’re doing, so if you’re finding out about threading just now, don’t do it yourself.

One of the biggest advantages of threading is that it can pull out hairs in a straight line with controlled motions. It also hurts less than waxing or plucking which is always a plus. It is definitely something everyone should try at least once to see how it works for them.

Never use a razor on your eyebrows

No matter the situation or the reason, you should avoid using a razor and shaving as an alternative to proper men’s eyebrow care. This can only complicate things for you. Let's face it, you've probably shaved your unibrow off using a razor, and know that the stubble comes back almost immediately. Apart from that, even after the shave, dark spots will remain in the skin where the roots are, making the eyebrows look unsightly. You'll want to use one of the aforementioned options, as they remove hair from the root.

Using a razor on them just once can lead to a constant grooming cycle, where you’ll have to keep shaving them every few days until you finally properly take care of the situation. While you shouldn't use a razor on your eyebrows, you should use it on your face along with our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave, if you choose not to shave, check out our beard conditioner.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes

Eyebrow hairs are very resilient and grow faster than hair, so even if you make a mistake, it will be a short-lived one. It’s always a good thing to be self-reliant, and that goes for men’s eyebrow grooming too. Have your eyebrows done a couple of times professionally? Take a picture to use as a reference, and give it a shot yourself.

Groom regularly

Once you've got it down, keeping your eyebrows in perfect order takes no more than a few plucks here and there. Keeping them sightly gives you a more put together appearance. An added bonus is the appearance of having larger eyes, get rid of the unwanted hairs below the bottom border of your eyebrows and see for yourself.

It’s as important to keep the skin around the eyebrows clean and moisturized because it’s prone to cracking, peeling and wrinkling. The area between the eyebrows is especially delicate and should be paid special attention to. You can do that with the face wash and facial moisturizer you use. Be sure to look into the ultimate grooming routine and grooming shortcuts.

As per your routine, whether you use a face wash for men in the morning or before bed, you should give the areas around your eyebrows a good rubdown. Then naturally, you need to use a facial moisturizer to soften the clean skin which will prevent it from cracking and accelerated aging. Be sure to use the best facial cleanser for men the market has to offer!

Brows and beard

Coordinating your eyebrows with your beard can enhance your look. If your eyebrows are thin, you most likely look better clean shaven. If your eyebrows are bushy, you may look better with a beard. Going with your personal facial hair preferences is fine too, it’s all up to you.

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