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Grooming Habits She Will Notice

by Zack Evar |

Whether you have a special love interest, or you’re trying to attract one, she is going to notice whether you groom to make her swoon. Here are some grooming habits she will notice and maintain the best men skin care.

Smell Good

By all means, smell good when you’re around her. That musky smell that comes as a result of your work-out should be saved for the woman who has worked up a sweat with you. Otherwise, try to smell your best. Awesome smelling after-shaves, colognes, and scented deodorant/antiperspirant is something she’ll not only notice, but appreciate. Woodsy, sand-themed and similar smells will go over well with most women. Be sure not to overdo it. Our own moisturizer, men's facial mask, and shaving cream, (perfect alongside our shaving brush for the ultimate shave) are wonderfully aromatic, including charcoal for men's skin, leaving you smelling fresh all day long! If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

Cool couple

Sloppy Dressers

 Women typically don’t gravitate toward men who are dressed sloppily. Your tretched out of shape t-shirt and extra room pants or sweats will not score you any points. Things like this say you don’t care. If you don’t care, why should she?

Ill-Fitting Clothes

 You should know your own size clothing, and wear them. Your neck size, chest size, cuff size, waist and hip sizes should be known by you. If you don’t know, by all means, go get measured. When you have a shirt that is too tight around the neck, sleeves that are too short, pants falling off or pinching too tight anywhere don’t put her in the right frame of mind or mood. You want to look put together. Clothing in the right size says you know yourself, head to toe. If you skimp in this area, you are announcing that you don’t know yourself. If you don’t know you, why should she want to? To take that a step further - why should she want you to get to know her since you have been around yourself for so long and don’t really know yourself in important ways?

Foot Forfeits

 Sure, your shoes and socks will often cover your feet. But if you decide to head to the beach, sit by the poolside or take your shoes off while at her pad or your own; she’ll see your feet. Pedicures are not just for girls. Make sure you get your feet done on a regular basis. You can cut out the professional and buy various foot-grooming tools at drug stores and a number of other venues. Caution: Don’t even think of playing footsie if your feet are rough, calloused, dry or otherwise ill-appearing.

Hand Jive

 If you like holding hands, putting your arms around her shoulder, helping her up or down stairs or into the car – your hands should be masculine soft. Emollient lotions should help with this. Get that manicure in-between. Rough hands can scratch skin and clothing. Don’t let this be your deal-breaker.

She will notice you, good or bad. If you want to gain some mileage with most females, she will want to see you taking care of you. She will want to know you are a potential hand-holding, footsie playing, snuggle-worthy man who looks good standing by her side and feels good even closer.

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