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How Sleep Affects The Aging Process

How sleep affects the aging process: When it comes to the topic of aging, there are several factors that need to be taken into account when considering how sleep affects aging. Environment, genes, and lifestyle all play a role in the process.
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How to reduce dark circles under your eyes

As a guy, at times I get jealous that women can easily conceal their imperfections with makeup should they choose to do so. Didn't get enough sleep? Drank one too many last night? Stressed out at work? These are all factors that contribute to those pesky reminders of age and habit - dark circles under the eyes.
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How to Get Rid of the Gray

Your hair’s going gray and you’re not happy just letting it go, what can you do? Should you get some dye from a pharmacy? Go to a salon? Should you dye all of it? Believe it or not, there are many methods on how to get rid of the gray.
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Ways to slow down aging

Ways to slow down aging: There is an old saying that with age comes wisdom; there is a difference between getting older and looking older. Keeping your youthful appearance gives you a certain confidence to accomplish anything you set out to do.
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Botox for Men

A lot of things change as we get older and unfortunately our skin is the first to show off signs of wear and tear. I'm sure you've heard of Botox. Usually, when we think of Botox, we think about women, but that is not always the case. 
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Grooming Tips You Can Learn From Your Girlfriend

Below are some grooming tips you can learn from your girlfriend, whose daily beauty routine has created and supported entire brands and industries.
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The Gentlemen’s Guide to Anti-Aging

The quest for the fountain of youth is not just for ladies of a certain age, and in fact, the earlier you start taking care of your skin and your overall well-being, the more successful you will be in your fight against signs of aging. Here is The Gentlemen's Guide to Anti-Aging to help you out and maintain the best men skincare!