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How to reduce dark circles under your eyes

by Zack Evar |

As a guy, at times I get jealous that women can easily conceal their imperfections with makeup should they choose to do so. Didn't get enough sleep? Drank one too many last night? Stressed out at work? These are all factors that contribute to those pesky reminders of age and habit - dark circles under the eyes. For us guys, we leave them out for the world to see. So what are some ways to be proactive about dark circles other than just covering them up with sunglasses? Read further below to view our tips on reducing the appearance of dark circles, as well as techniques for prevention from some men's skin care experts!

What are dark circles?

When you notice dark circles under your eyes, what you are noticing is the pigmentation of your veins beneath your skin due to a loss of fat or collagen. This can make you look older, and make you look tired - not the kind of look you want to go for, especially when you have an important day ahead of you. There are a number of factors, including family history, age, and general health. Here are our tips:


It goes without saying that staying hydrated is incredibly important for your overall health and appearance. There is a correlation between hydration and dark circles, too. The underlying bone and veins are in extremely close proximity to the skin beneath your eyes. Staying hydrated means your skin cells can retain more water - giving you healthy looking skin which will cover up the dark circles. Make sure to use a facial moisturizer, especially on the thinner skin, like under your eyes, on your forehead, and near the corners of your mouth. Be sure to check out the best facial cleanser for men also! Be sure to learn about the importance of water. Be sure to get rid of that 5 o'clock shadow with some shaving cream and a shaving brush for the ultimate shave. As well as our beard conditioner for your long beard.

Sinus troubles.

Congestion can cause an inflammation in the blood vessels and veins leading into and out of the sinus area. Staying away from congestion and sinusitis is easier said than done (especially if you have allergies), but keeping your sinuses clear can reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Cut yourself off.

It's always a good idea to drink less alcohol and stop smoking. Ridding yourself of these indulgences, or at least cutting back on them, can make a huge difference in how your dark circles look. More importantly, this will better your health in the long term.

Take the stairs.

Exercise is essential to good health. How does this relate to dark circles, you ask? Exercise improves circulation, and getting that blood pumping can eliminate pooling of blood underneath your eyes. This will reduce the puffiness of your veins and lessen the appearance of dark circles. Next time you're tempted to use the escalator, opt for the stairs instead.

Cold is key.

Ever notice how your fingers look a little swollen when it's very hot out? Heat can cause the skin to look puffy, and veins to dilate. Because the skin under the eyes is relatively thin, this can cause dark circles even in the most rejuvenated people. Keep cool on hot days. If you start to see dark circles, grab a cold compress and apply it directly to the circles. Try out a few premium grooming products to help get rid of the dark circles under your eyes.

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