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Barbershops vs. Salons

by Zack Evar |

For years, I got my haircuts at my old neighborhood barbershop. In fact, I went there from about the age of eight, once I graduated from the kiddie salon. I remember going to the barbershop with my dad for the first time. It was like entering the good ole boys club for the time. To me, it was a rite of passage.

barbershops vs. salons

Even when I grew much older, I used to return to my old stomping grounds. The barbershop looked exactly the same through the years. I was always happy with my haircut. It was nothing to write home about, but it was always decent, inexpensive and dependable. All this changed when Lana came into the picture. Lana was my coworker and a fashionista. She was older, and a veteran city girl. She always made me feel like a bumpkin. Lana recommended a salon uptown and swore by her stylist. I relented, starting my expensive love affair with high-end haircuts. So, is it worth it? What’s the difference? Here are a few quick points to help you decide whether you should make the leap from a few men's skin care experts! Be sure to check out a few premium grooming products that you can use at home. As well as a few mustache styles.


-Salons are usually ahead of the curve with the latest hair fashions and trends

and can give you more complex textured cuts.

-If you dye your hair, salons are probably the way to go. Salons usually have

colorists on hand that specializes in mixing the right color for you and will be able

to repeat the same mix time and time again.

-Hairstylists usually opt for scissors and avoid the use of clippers as much as

they can, resulting in a more natural look.


-Barbershops always feel homey and friendly. You’ll feel right at home! (Tip: find a barber that offers you a stiff drink while you wait).

-For a more traditional cut, barbershops are the best. They have lots of experience!

-Barbershops specialize in fades/tapers, so if that is where you want to be, a barbershop is the way to go.

-Barbershops don’t use scissors as much as a salon stylist, so your hairstyle will look more uniform and organized.

-Barbershops often give you extra services that you can’t get at a salon. Like that ultimate shave. A huge bonus? Many barbershops are starting to carry our products, so you can get that perfect shave with our Gentleman’s Shaving Cream and our shaving brush. If you have a beard, they can help take care of your long beard with some beard conditioner. Check out a few of our other premium grooming products.

The Verdict

Obviously, there is going to be a spectrum of quality whether you choose a salon or barbershop. It might be best to try out a few of each so you have a go-to option for both. Want to try a new style? Go to the salon. Want to try out color? Go to the salon. Know what you want and how you want it? Go to the barbershop.

Lastly, where does pricing come into the equation? Again, there is a spectrum. Grooming services are currently following an upward trend in quality, and price. While you can still find a haircut under $20.00 at some barbershops, many are now charging much more (though you should be getting extra services, like razor shaves). Salons are pricier because they offer more services. Many salons offer services such as facials (with facial moisturizer), shampooing, waxing, and more.

The most noteworthy advice I can give? Get to know your barber/stylist. After all, you should be seeing them at least once a month!


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