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by Zack Evar •

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Much to do About Aging - Hitting the Wall

We all think about it - 'What will I look like when I'm older'? For those of us in our mid 30's to early 40's, we begin to get a peek into what the man in the mirror is going to look like during the next chapter in our lives. Whether we like what we see in the mirror is up to the individual. Signs of aging eventually take a toll on all of us, and while we can mitigate those signs by taking precautions, some of us are more genetically prone to signs of aging than others. Here we'll break down some of the common signs of aging that men face as they get older, including the reasons why, and steps you can take to prepare and cope both preemptively and reactively. When do most guys hit the wall? Most men will tell you that at some point in your 30's or early 40's you'll look into the mirror and wonder what happened. We like to call this 'hitting a wall'. It sort of comes out of nowhere even though the signs get progressively worse. For some, it'll happen later than others, though some guys are more predisposed due to their lifestyle. Smokers, heavy drinkers, night owls, those who spend too much time in the sun, and the overly stressed are at risk. All these factors weigh on your body, after enough time, they start to take a toll. Eyes are often the first area to display signs of aging. Smoking Smoking cigarettes dries out and discolors your skin. Cigarettes contain nicotine, which restricts blood flow, rendering the skin duller and drier. Carbon monoxide found in cigarettes displaces oxygen, compounding the issue. These chemicals and other also lead to delayed wound healing, and other skin disorders. Drinking Excessive use of alcohol has the adverse affect on your blood vessels. Heavy drinkers often have inflammatory issues like rosacea and acne. Further, alcohol is dehydrating, if you're not constantly drinking water while drinking alcohol, you'll feel parched, and your skin will dry out and droop. Lack of sleep Sleep is when your body recharges and recovers, don't get enough of it and you'll find you don't give your body a chance to do what its supposed to. Your body replenishes dead skin and replaces damaged cells during sleep. It's why you think more clearly after getting a good night's rest. If you're constantly losing sleep, you'll fall into a cycle of stress, making matters worse. Sun damage We need exposure to the sun in order to make vitamin D. Too much though can cause some serious damage, and can even be fatal. UV light from the sun can cause issues like sunburn, which most people have experienced. Prolonged exposure however can cause the skin to look tight and leathery, completely devoid of moisture. Sun damage gets worse as you age, so get into the habit of wearing sunscreen whenever you expect to be in the sun for a prolonged period of time. Failure to proactively combat sun damage is a risk that can lead to skin cancers such as melanoma. Stress & anxiety Work, kids, finances.... Life. It gets stressful. We've all dealt with it, and we've got to be better about letting it go. Contrary to popular belief, stress and anxiety are physical conditions. Notice how when you're stressed you suddenly break out, or have a flare up of a medical condition like eczema. You begin to crave comfort foods that have their own negative effects on skin. Learning how to better deal with stress and anxiety isn't just beneficial for your mental health, it's good skin care.  A preemptive strike against aging You can delay signs of aging with a good skincare routine. You can also delay signs of aging by making better lifestyle decisions. Starting sometime in your mid to late 20's is ideal. Not only are you delaying signs of aging, but you're becoming more regimented, leading to an environment of healthy self confidence. Exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, repeat This is the recipe for a basic, effective skincare routine. Exfoliate twice a week, cleanse and moisturize twice a day (morning and night). Follow this routine and you're already on your way to better skin. Exfoliating removes dead skin that can clog your pores causing blackheads and acne. Cleansing with a men's face wash removes excess oils that can be irritating and unsightly. Moisturizing ensures you're giving your skin what it needs to remain comfortably hydrated throughout the day and night.  Life choices Please guys, quit smoking. Forget about the effects cigarettes have on skin, this is your life. Stopping will literally add time onto your life. With alcohol, don't overdo it. Having a few drinks once in a while is fine, but make sure to drink plenty of water in between drinks so that you don't end up making a fool of yourself. Wear sunscreen and a hat in the sun. You'll block the sun's harmful UV rays from causing damage to your body's largest organ - your skin. Learn to cope with stress and anxiety. Use healthy outlets like exercise or meditation to bring yourself to a peaceful place. Eyes, eyes, eyes The skin below your eyes is some of the most delicate skin on your entire body, and is the most common area aging appears first. The years take their toll on the skin around the eyes in the form of wrinkles, some call crows feet, due to the constant expressive movements we make. The naturally thin skin underneath the eye shows the blood vessels directly underneath, causing what looks like darker color. This can cause embarrassment, as other people look at your eyes when they face you. There are ways to mitigate these issues, and fortunately for us guys, we've got an advantage. Men's skin is naturally thicker and firmer than women's skin. This means that men tend to deal with wrinkles later on in life as compared to women. This gives us extra time to deal with the signs of aging around our eyes. Keep to the exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize routine, and when the time comes that you're seeing fine lines appear around your eyes, work in an anti-aging eye cream. With this stuff, a little goes a long way. The Beau Brummell Anti-aging Eye Cream is a rich cream. You'll only need to use about a pea sized amount per application. We formulated this cream with strong ingredients like squalane, plankton extracts, hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and peptides. You'll notice a reduction in fine lines, along with a fuller, moisturized complexion. Don't drop the ball You wanna stay looking good throughout your life and attain that silver fox status, don't you? Take care of your skin the proper way with a regimented men's skincare routine combined with a healthy lifestyle. You'll age better, feel better, and feel more confident with your looks as you get older. If you're looking for skin care products that are designed for higher performance on men's skin, you've come to the right place. Beau Brummell's skincare products combine quality natural ingredients with effective simplicity, a combination we call Smart Elegance. Our products provide multiple benefits so that you see results with less fuss. Start your routine with our Face Scrub, Face Wash, Face Moisturizer, and Anti-aging Eye Cream.  Prefer to try before you buy full sized products? Check out the Sample Kit.