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A Great Smile Says a Lot

by Zack Evar |

Today is Mother’s Day, so this one is an homage to my mom (love you mom!) My mom always says, that smiling is one of those little silent ways you communicate that can have a huge impact. A smile can win over a new customer, connect you with a stranger, or smooth over an awkward situation. A smile can open doors. Having a great smile says a lot: that you are confident, approachable, and purposeful.

Here are five things you might not know your smile says about you (and five more reasons to keep your teeth in top shape). Be sure to check out a few premium grooming products as well.


Along with showing confidence, smiling can benefit you professionally by showing that you are flexible and positive in the face of challenges. Studies show that people who smile appear more intelligent and better problem solvers.

While a toothy, wide, even smile shows that you are comfortable with yourself and others, a tight-lipped smile looks like you are holding something back, even if you’re just trying to hide a couple crooked teeth you’re self-conscious about. Showing off your teeth and gums when you smile comes off as open and honest.

If your smile tends to be uneven instead of symmetrical, it’s a silent indicator that you have a sense of humor and appreciate sarcasm. A half smile can be charming, since it gives away your mixed emotions and amusement, and might even show that you like to make other people laugh.

Don't force it

Smiling with a closed mouth isn’t the only indicator that you are uneasy or not being completely honest. Even if it’s big, people spot a forced smile if you don't crinkle your eye muscles because you use your whole face for a genuine smile. In fact, while Americans tend to look to a person’s mouth to judge how that person feels, other cultures, such as the Japanese, tend to look at a person’s eyes.

Because people perceive having strong teeth with being healthy and young, having a nice smile can seem like you are enthusiastic and resilient, which is helpful whether you’re at the office or out with the guys. Smiling is contagious, and researchers found evidence that smiling subliminally passes on a good mood to others, so they associate you with positive feelings.

In a business situation, a great smile can be the deciding factor in closing a sale; many people associate a great smile and teeth as detail orientated and it shows that you care about appearances.

If you’re thinking that your smile is less than dazzling, there are several ways you can improve it, from teeth whitening to adult braces to veneers. Each option has advantages, and each one can give you the great smile that you need to be successful.

Brings attention to your face

Another thing you need to consider is that a great smile brings a lot of attention to your face and skin. The lip area is extremely sensitive so the use of lip balm as well as regular use of moisturizer is a must! You can have the best smile and a great set of teeth, but if you have chapped lips and you have dry, wrinkly skin, you will lose the dazzle in your smile.

Investing in your smile might be expensive, but it’s worth it when you consider the impact it can have on your life, personally and professionally.

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