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Bald hot or not?

by Zack Evar |

While going bald is not always an option, some men choose to shave their heads, whether they’re losing their hair or not. But is it attractive? The complicated answer is, as, with many things in life, it depends. Here is the answer to the question from men's skin care experts: Bald, hot or not?

Some men can go bald and really carry it off. Hollywood has many actors that are bold and they are big box office favorites. They also have several actors that are mediocre or bomb at the box office. Choosing which is right for you is a personal choice, if you go bald and don’t like it, you can always grow your hair out again in very little time. Be sure to check out our guide to shaving your head for the ultimate shave.

The difference, it seems, is whether or not your whole head is bald. Now, if your hair is thinning in the back or receding, you don’t have to grab a razor just yet. There are hairstyles you can work with like Matt Damon and Jude Law have. If you don’t have anything to work with on top, though, bald can still look hot. It just might take a little work. If you have gray hair and aren't liking it, learn how to get rid of the gray.

A man can still look very attractive bald, but whether or not he comes down to three things: commitment, confidence, and style.

Are you committed to the upkeep of shaving your whole head when you start going bald or do you want to cling to the horseshoe of hair that you do have left? Shaving your whole head looks like a conscious choice, whereas a ring of hair looks like you’ve either decided to join a monastery or have just given up against the threat of getting older. If you’re not going bald, are you still willing to commit to shaving your head on a regular basis? Like with any hairstyle, in order for going bald to look good, you have to maintain it. Be sure to use our shaving cream and shaving brush whenever you shave! Check out a couple of other premium grooming products.

Another question to ask yourself, whether you’re going bald naturally or not, is, do you have the confidence to carry off a bald head? Shaving your head is a “go big or go home” type of move. It just doesn’t look right if you don’t look comfortable with yourself. On the other hand, shaving your head can force you to find the confidence you didn’t know you had. Having a long beard with a bald head can also give you a different look if you do decide to keep the beard, be sure to check out our beard conditioner as well as mustache styles.

Last but not least, how did you dress before you were bald? If you’ve cared about your appearance and dressed in clothes that fit well and worked for you before going bald, shaving your head will just be another fashion choice.

When it all comes down to it, whether or not bald is hot is personal preference. Just like with different types of facial hair, a shaved head will suit some guys better than others. That said, if you think you might feel good with a shaved head, go for it. And if you’re already going bald, you might as well try to embrace it and go all in. Be bald, and be bold.

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