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How to prevent itchy skin

by Zack Evar |

Itchy skin care and prevention

Proper skin care is neither easy nor much fun, and yet essential to both health and confidence. Looking good and feeling good often come hand in hand, and the best cure for itchy skin can be considered prevention itself. That is something simple enough, but before discussing prevention methods, a cure or two for itchy skin should be mentioned.

Dealing with itchy skin

When dealing with itchy skin, the first thing anyone should do is discern the cause. The usual suspects are allergens and bug bites, but other things such as sun exposure, dry skin, and even clogged pores can cause irritation and itchiness. In most cases, time and proper hygiene are all the skin needs to recuperate, although giving it a little helping hand never really hurts. Here is a short list of things that are readily available to soothe and give comfort. If however, relief is not immediate or within 24 hours at the latest, a visit to a dermatologist’s office is highly advisable. Learn about shaving with sensitive skin and our mustache styles, and be sure to check out our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave.

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  1. Moisturize the skin – especially after hot showers. The reason for that being the simple fact that while taking a bath or shower, the skin loses not only the dirt and excess oil but all of its natural protection with it. For a short while, until it can replenish its minimal oil levels, it is left defenseless and sometimes even prone to cracking and peeling. This can be avoided by using a skin moisturizer and limiting bathing to a maximum once per day. Using a skin moisturizer in your daily skincare routine is especially important and recommended for people with dry skin, and that by itself could solve most if not all of their dermal issues. A great tip moving forward is to start your shower hot, and gradually reduce the temperature. This not only saves your skin from the damage hot water does, but you can also help conserve water as you'll want to get out of the shower faster. Check out 5 tips for dry skin as well as the best facial cleanser for men and our beard conditioner.
  2. Cool down with ice or cold water – this can provide instant alleviation in many cases of itchy skin. The best method is holding a cold, wet towel or an ice pack for 10 to 15 minutes at a time over the affected area. The time limit should be respected and in no circumstance should anyone fall asleep while cooling themselves, as that can lead to unintended complications. This method is best used for insect bites, and contrary to popular belief, offers little more than temporary relief for sunburns.
  3. Visit the pharmacy – naturally. As simple as it is, many people put off by the idea of visiting the pharmacy, mostly because they are not sure what to ask for when they get there. Well, there are a few different things that can prove highly effective. Medication with antihistamine is used for relieving symptoms of all kinds of allergies and can prevent itchiness as well if it has been brought on by allergens. Another option is anti-itching creams and lotions. They are tested and proven methods for relief and there are several different products that can be found that are all or mostly made with natural ingredients.
  4. Stop scratching – this is the final, shortest and most important step on the road to recovery. Scratching only serves to spread around the thing that causes the itch in the first place, while also delaying the skin’s natural healing process. Always have in mind that the less the affected area is touched, the quicker it will go away.

Prevent what you can

When talking skincare, taking care of what goes into the body is almost as important as washing and cleaning it. That’s why, for starters, drinking plenty of water is essential for the skin because the more water the body ingests, the less toxins and other harmful substances it retains. Eating enough fruits and vegetables is just as important in giving the skin all the nutrients and vitamins it needs. And eating controlled quantities of lean meat is advisable as well since protein is good (while fats are bad) for the skin. Furthermore, vitamin C is known to help the skin keep its flexibility longer, keeping it wrinkle free at the same time. Sugars, especially refined ones are bad for the skin and should be avoided if possible. Although the occasional junk food and sweets are fine, they should be kept just that, occasional. In the end, the fresher and healthier the food you eat is, the better you and your skin will feel.

Keeping a well-balanced skincare regimen can prove to be the best weapon for people who have found themselves dealing with itchy skin. For that reason, it’s recommended to use a men’s face wash and moisturizer once to twice per day, and men’s facial scrub and face mask once or twice a week. It is important to note that these products are often not unisex, and the frequency of their usage should correspond with the type of skin the person has, which you can see in a previous post.

Keep away from dusty rooms and dust in general. The same goes for pollen and plants that shed leaves since they don’t just affect people that are strictly allergic to them. In larger quantities with long enough contact with them, any person may experience a negative reaction.

Another big culprit in speeding up the skin’s aging process is the sun. On the other hand, the sun is our main source of vitamin D, so enjoy it - but in moderation. A common misconception that many people believe in is that as long as they don’t get sunburned, they are not overstaying their welcome under the sun. That doesn't mean their skin isn’t slowly getting damaged though. In short, the best thing to do is not to avoid the sun, but rather not stand too long away from shade and always to use sunscreen.

Dry and itchy skin

The best thing for dry skin and the thing that would make the biggest difference is a moisturizer for men. It can help even out the skin tone and noticeably reduce peeling and skin cracking, keeping it young and flexible much longer. Even for people who don’t much care for applying lotions and creams, once they have tried a moisturizer and see how it feels and what it can do for them, they will happily work it in their daily routine. It really makes an amazing difference and can be considered one of the only solutions for itchy and dry skin.

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When choosing skin moisturizer, there is no particular "best" skin moisturizer for men, they can all react differently on different people. It's why determining your skin type is essential. A good start when picking a new skin moisturizer is the ingredients list, to make sure you are not allergic on anything in it.

Dealing with itchy skin is never much fun, and that’s why a good skincare routine is but a small price to pay.


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