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How to Prevent Itching while Growing a Beard

by Daniel Evar |

Most guys have either tried or flirted with the idea of growing a beard. Since they add masculinity and sophistication not only to your face but your general appearance, beards are an easy way to jazz up your look. Sooner or later, you will realize one thing with beards; they are itchy! Itching is a common problem any man growing a beard has to deal with. The itching can be disturbing enough to the point of wanting to shave off the whole beard! Fortunately, itching is not a permanent problem since there are remedies for itchy beards. Most of the time, when you pass a certain length, the itching subsides altogether. Lets try to understand why beards cause itchiness while they're growing out:


  • Razor cuts. During shaving, a sharp razor cuts hairs off leaving sharp ends. When the hairs grow, they will scratch the skin giving it some itchy feel.
  • Dry skin. When our heads become dry and lose their natural oils, we may feel some itchiness. This is the same case with beards when the surface below it becomes dry. Now, imagine having a combination of a dry skin and sharp hair edges.

How to prevent itchy beards

  1. Use beard oil

Once your beard increases in length, it requires regular conditioning with beard oils to ensure that they become less rigid, causing reduced itchiness. Beard oil also provides lubrication between your skin and hair roots. In addition to this, the oils are known to moisturize your face treating it where the face lotions have failed. Trying to apply moisturizer to the skin beneath your beard can be a hassle.

  1. Always carry a comb

The first reflex that comes to us when itchiness occurs up is irresistible. We instinctively want to dig our nails into the problem area.  As easy as this is to do, we should get used to using the right tools to aid in our scratching. The gentlest option is to carry a small comb in your pocket or bag. Make sure to avoid sharply pointed plastic combs which might prick your face. Instead, buy a quality polished comb that will gently graze through your face once the urge to scratch comes up.

     3. Eat well, live healthy

This may sound quite cliché since you might be over hearing about the ‘balanced diet'. However, eating a balanced diet may not be enough for your beard. You need to eat foods rich in Beta-carotene, Biotin, and vitamin D. Vitamin D is important since it helps hair growth thus giving rise to new hair follicles. Biotin produces keratin which is an element found in hair and nails making them strong and preventing breakage. Finally, Beta-carotene's function is to produce sebum which is necessary to produce naturally occurring oils that keep your skin hydrated. All these nutrients can be found in fruits and vegetables which are readily available in most homes.


A beard tells the world a bit more about you and your personality. When you have a well-maintained beard, you are not only showcasing your masculinity but also demonstrating your commitment to things you love. Never let the thought of itchiness prevent you from growing a beard. Following the tips above can ease the annoyances of beard itch. For most guys, getting through the first couple of weeks is the most difficult hurdle to jump over. How long to grow a beard depends on your commitments to make it happen. Beard growth is a process that requires commitment from the moment you plan on doing it.

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