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Tips for Avoiding Beard Dandruff

by Zack Evar |

Dandruff is unattractive. Period. But when it speckles your beard, well that’s just the stuff of nightmares. The flakes of dead skin can ruin even the best beard grooming efforts…just sitting there dulling your shiny mane and making you look like someone in desperate need of personal hygiene. But fear not, here are three quick tips for avoiding beard dandruff:

Exfoliate with a beard brush

How do you exfoliate the skin under your beard? For those of us with thick, long beard it may seem hard to do. Using a regular defoliator just leaves clumps of the product on top of the beard and does little to actually exfoliate the skin beneath. The solution? Get a beard brush and brush your beard every time before you shower. Really get in there and make sure the bristles of the brush not only de-tangle and groom your beard but also brush your skin the carefully exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin layer. Learn more with our guide on grooming your hip beard. Check out some premium grooming products as well.

Bearded Man

Choose your Cleanser carefully

You want a cleanser that will wash your skin, get into pores to get rid of any grime and impurities, and will dissolve the dead skin that was lifted by the beard brush. On the other hand, you want to make sure that your cleanser will not dry out your skin, depriving it of its essential oils. I love the Beau Brummell Face Wash or one of the best facial cleansers for men. It contains Rosemary oil and caffeine which leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. It also contains our famous activated charcoal, which absorbs and traps impurities from the surface of your skin and wash them away as you rinse your face. This works especially well for the skin under your beard. If you choose to shave your beard, make sure you use our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave.

Moisturize with a beard oil

Moisture is crucial in the fight against dandruff, but using a moisturizer is not effective for the skin under your beard. The thick beard hear prevents the moisturizer from adequately getting to the skin and from being absorbed. Instead, use beard oil. Beard oil is light enough to get through to your skin and is highly effective in moisturizing your skin and fighting against dandruff.

In fact, we love using beard oil so much that in the coming weeks we are launching our own Cedarwood beard conditioner,perfect for your cool mustache styles for you to enjoy (you heard it here first!) If you want to be alerted as soon as our fabulous oil hits the shelves, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter!

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