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What Should You Eat to Get Great Hair?

by Zack Evar |

Everyone knows that washing your hair can make your hair look and smell great. What people don’t know is that eating the right foods can help your hair stay shiny, healthy and will cause your hair to grow faster and stronger.  As you all know, I am mildly obsessed with my looks (I said mildly!!!) so when I heard that the road to perfect hair is paved with food, I was immediately hooked! I use the cedarwood beard conditioner (Which is great for a long beard or mustache style) whenever I want to make my beard look great, and our shaving cream and shaving brush to get the perfect shave.  The question is what should you eat to get great hair? Look into some premium grooming products while you're at it.


Lean meats

Iron and zinc is one way to get great hair. Red lean meat contains iron and zinc which can make your hair grow longer. Lean meats are filled with nutrients that will help you get great hair. Some other sources of iron and zinc are soybeans and lentils. Drinking orange juice which is filled with vitamin C can help absorb the iron and the zinc quicker.

Man with great hair

Eating foods with a lot of protein in them can help you get great hair. We all know that protein promotes cell growth and repair; it can also do the same for your hair. Some foods to eat are fish and chicken. Protein will strengthen your hair and will make your hair grow longer.


If you love eating eggs for breakfast, you are in luck. Eggs are filled with B vitamins also known as biotin.  Biotin is essential for hair growth, so instead of taking supplements of biotin just have some eggs for breakfast. Eggs have a lot of protein and vitamin D which is also good for healthy and stronger hair.


Bell Peppers

Many people probably don’t know that some of the spices you use to cook food can actually help you have great hair.  Bell peppers are one of them. Yes, they may be spicy (to some), but they are filled with Vitamin C which is a necessity for healthy hair. Bell peppers help the body use iron in the proper way. Vitamin C is also important for the structural fibers that help our bodies keep everything together. That is why it is important to eat foods like bell peppers because when you are low on vitamin C, your hair can become brittle.


Pork Tenderloins

Pork tenderloins are delicious, and can also give you great hair. They contain B vitamins such as B12 and B6. These vitamins help create blood cells which carry oxygen to the scalp and growing hair. Without vitamin B your hair can become very weak, and it may not grow. If you don’t like pork, you can eat foods such as salmon, chicken, beans and peanut butter to get the same nutrients.

You may not like some of the foods that I mentioned, but it is good to eat them once in a while, if not for your health than for a great hair!


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