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Guide to the Perfect Shave

by Zack Evar |

When it comes to shaving, my dad was completely old school. As a kid, I would accompany him to the barber shop in town and watch him get lathered and shaved by an old, heavy dude who wouldn’t stop talking.  I learned a lot about a lot of things during these trips to the barbershop, but I mostly learned to appreciate the craft of shaving and learned about the perfect shave.

When I turned 14, I developed a barely-there mustache that was blond and soft and was really only noticeable to me. But I was determined and utterly convinced that I needed to shave, so I secretly took my dad’s single razor and taught myself how to shave. Through the years I obviously became more skillful, and after many trials and errors I developed the ultimate guide to the perfect shave:


Get Your Skin Ready

Your skin is full of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that can get between your razor blades (if you use a multi-blade razor) and make it less effective.  This gunk also causes more friction which can irritate your skin as you shave. To maintain the best men skin care, make sure you cleanse your skin with the best facial cleanser for men, thoroughly before you shave and scrub it 2-3 times a week. Cleaning and scrubbing will make your skin cleaner and softer, and will also bring your hair to the surface which will make for a smoother shave. use our men's facial mask, which include charcoal for men's skin.

Carefully Choose Your Blade

There are many types of blades out there, from straight razors to disposable blades. Whichever you choose, make sure your blade is clean, dry (to avoid rust –especially with single blades and straight razors,) and sharp. Straight razors especially require sharpening from time to time. Most importantly, avoid sharing your blade (make sure your significant other is not using it to shave her legs.)

Shaving cream and brush

Shaving Cream

The key to a close, comfortable shave is a quality shaving cream which works to moisturize and soften both your beard and skin before shaving and afterward. I remember my dad used one of those drugstore shaving cream brands that looked a lot like Cool Whip. Nowadays, there are many options that are much more beneficial to your skin. I of course like our Beau Brummell Shaving Cream which offers a whipped lather for a great shave. Argan and Sandalwood oils help to condition your beard, minimizing irritation and redness of your skin. Rich in glycerin and an array of plant extracts, our shaving cream leaves your face smooth and moisturized. Also if you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to use our beard conditioner.

Best Shave Ever

For a close and perfect shave, it is important to soften your skin and open your hair follicles. The best way to do it is to shave in the shower and let the warm water and steam do the trick. If you don’t have the time for a full shower, wash your face thoroughly in warm water first.

Apply the shaving cream in circular motions. It is best to use a shaving brush which brings out the thickest lather possible. The rugged bristles work to lift your hairs up, aligning them to be cut, and forcing shaving cream deep beneath the beard.

Leave the cream on your face for 1-2 minutes before you shave to allow for the cream to penetrate your skin.

Shave with the grain of your face. Shaving against the grain can cause ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.


After Shave

I recommend that you end your shaving routine by first splashing cold water on your face. This will calm your skin and will also help tighten your pores. According to WebMD "Cold water reduces inflammation. It's like putting a cold compress onto an injury." Follow with a nice, lotion based aftershave. If you have sensitive skin, choose an alcohol-free aftershave to avoid irritation.

Guide to a Perfect Shave Infographic

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