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Benefits of Charcoal for Your Skin

by Zack Evar |

As a kid, one of my favorite classes in school was art. I couldn’t draw for the life of me but loved getting messy and always looked like a chimney cleaner at the end of it. Who doesn’t like getting dirty with charcoal? And as it turns out, my obsession with this black powdery substance has many benefits for my skin too.

The NY Daily News hails activated charcoal as “the latest ingredient to take the beauty industry by storm — giving other hipster favorites like clay and coconut oil a run for their money. And now the black residue is being used in everything from teeth-whitening solutions to a lemonade cleanse, and even as the key ingredient in an expensive new facial.”

Indeed, in recent years, critics have touted activated charcoal as the magical ingredient in many skin care and detox products. Charcoal for men's skin became one of the best men skin care methods. It has an obvious cool factor, and more importantly, it effectively absorbs bacteria, poisons, and dirt, leaving your skin clear and flawless.

Charcoal Moisturizer

So should you run to the nearest art store and get your hands on all the charcoal powder you can get? Not exactly. Carbon infused with oxygen creates activated charcoal. This process makes the charcoal suitable for use on your skin, eliminating any harmful effects or irritation. The oxygenation process converts the charcoal into a porous substance, increasing its ability to absorb matter and toxins.

Understanding activated charcoal’s super absorbent qualities, we set out to include it in our products. It's an ideal skin cleanser, use it to clean impurities and it is also an anti-aging ingredient, said to tighten pores and smooth the skin.

Skin Care Products

So what type of products containing activated charcoal should you use?

The Gentlemen’s Face Wash

Any effective skin care routine starts with a good face wash.  Our face wash is one of the only face wash products in the market to contain this magical substance., making it one of the best facial cleansers for men. If you use our dark and velvety wash, it will absorb and trap impurities from the surface of your skin. It'll wash them away as you rinse your face.

The Gentlemen’s Moisturizer

For those of us with oily skin, choosing a moisturizer can be a problem. Your skin craves hydration, while your pores scream for help at the sight of any oily moisturizer. The activated charcoal in our moisturizer helps you get the best of both worlds. Achieve a healthy, hydrated skin while allowing the charcoal to draw the toxins out of your pores.  This will solve the problem!

The Gentlemen’s Facial Mask

The men's facial mask is an essential part in your weekly skin care routine. It effectively draws out impurities while leaving behind essential oils. Our facial mask is rich in activated charcoal, reducing the amount of breakouts and leaving your skin feeling tight and fresh, diminishing the look of fine lines.

Facial Mask


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