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Skin and Working Out – Love Hate Relationship

by Zack Evar |

Skin and working out

When I was younger, I didn’t see much point in going to the gym. I played basketball with my friends, rode my bike around town, and surfed in the summer. I was active and happy and was bored with any repetitive indoor exercise. But after college, things changed for me. I got my first desk job; my bike was unceremoniously replaced with Uber; and my mom’s rather healthy meals were replaced by a variety of junk orders from Seamless. After a few years of living an extremely sedentary lifestyle, I gave in and got my first gym membership. I never once thought about skin and working out.

We all know that exercising regularly has many benefits to our health, but I was happy to discover, that working out also has great effects on the skin. Promoting healthy blood circulation and increasing blood flow helps keep your skin nourished and glowing. According to WebMD, “Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells. By increasing blood flow, a bout of exercise helps flush cellular debris out of the system.”

Moisture for skin and working out both have amazing benefits, but working out it can also take a toll on your skin. Here are a few tips for taking care of your skin while exercising:

Quench Your Skin’s Thirst

Sweating a lot during exercise can cause your skin to dehydrate. This, in turn, can produce fine lines and wrinkles and accelerates dead skin cell build up causing the pores to clog. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and also use a lightweight facial moisturizer. The Gentlemen’s Moisturizer is a great product for this purpose, working naturally with your skin to promote softness and encourage hydration with its charcoal for men's skin.

skin and working out

Hands Free

Use disinfectant spray or wipes when you use machines or weights at the gym. Unfortunately, machines and weights breed bacteria, so make sure to keep your hands off your skin. Don’t forget to wash your hands after working out.

skin and working out

Put on that Baseball Cap

If you are using any type of hair product, the combination of that product with your sweat during exercise can cause breakouts on your forehead or hairline. Keep your hair out of your face by wearing a baseball cap or a bandana.

Don’t Forget Your Gloves

Many of my fellow gym members think gloves are for the serious body builders only. But gloves can help protect your skin by preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses like warts and staphylococcus bacteria, which can cause impetigo, resulting in blisters and sores.

Give your Face Some Extra TLC

After a workout, always wash your face and moisturize to clean any bacteria and unclog your pores and get the best men skin care. When you exercise, sweat combined with increased oil production can create havoc on your skin so washing it right after with our gentle face wash will do wonders. The Gentlemen’s Facial Wash, one of the best facial cleansers for men, offers an effective way to keep your skin clean and free of dirt and oils after a good workout, and as an extra bonus, Rosemary oil and caffeine leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth, so you can stay handsome. Check out our men's facial mask,  shaving cream and shaving brush, along with our guide to the perfect shave. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

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