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How To Pack Like a Pro For a Weekend Trip

by Zack Evar |

Pack like a pro

As a native New Yorker, summer is the time when I spend my weekends in Long Island. Montauk, Fire Island, or Hamptons proper…I hop on the Jitney and get away from the sticky streets of Manhattan. You would think that after years of going back and forth, I would be an old pro at packing. But no such luck. Every Thursday night I find myself staring at my open closet, looking like a lost kid at the supermarket. When googling “how to pack like a pro,” I found many articles written by women for women, and while I did learn many good tips from my sisters in arm, In my years of packing, I did pick up a few rules of thumb that are more oriented to all the gentlemen out there:

Make a list and check it twice!

You need to start off by creating a list of all the items that you have to pack for your trip. For this, you need to take into consideration the local weather of the area you intend to visit, the events, as well as the activities and functions you plan to attend.

Preparing a list helps you cut out the non-essential items that you may not need for the weekend. It will also provide you with an easy way to check and determine whether you have repacked everything at the end of the getaway.

pack like a pro

Go for the basics

Remember that it is not necessary for you to pack all of your possessions—you just need to pack clothing that will get you through the weekend.

Try to pack a few items that go well together so you can mix and match. It’s ok to wear pants more than once. Dress it up or down by pairing it with a different shirt.  Also, choose items that have solid colors instead of patterns and prints as a way of maximizing the outfit combinations.

Choose wrinkle free materials

I hate to admit this, but when it comes to ironing, I put my faith in the dry cleaning lady down stairs. The last thing I want is to get to my weekend destination looking like a frumpy hobo. Choose items that are easy to care for and forgo the wrinkly white linen pants.

pack like a pro

Choose your toiletries wisely

Choosing your toiletries wisely is especially important for summer retreats. After sitting in the sun all day, my skin is begging for extra attention. This is the one packing section I allow myself to splurge on. Aside from the obvious (deodorant, tooth paste, shaving cream, shaving brush, for the ultimate shave etc.), my toiletry bag contains the best face cleanser for men, men’s facial mask, gentlemen’s facial scrub, and men’s facial wash. Most importantly, I never leave home without the Beau Brummel facial moisturizer, which includes charcoal for men's skin, and gives my sunburnt skin the moisture it needs. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

pack like a pro

Pack a Pair of All-Purpose Shoes

Make sure that you choose at least one pair of shoes that are sturdy, practical and have a neutral color. The shoes should be comfortable to wear for an extended duration and should be easy to match to any outfit.

Generally speaking,  Pack like a pro and try to limit your shoe selection to 3: one pair of flip flops or water shoes for the beach. One pair of dressier shoes and one pair of casual sneakers you can match with anything.

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