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Men's Hairstyle Trends for Summer

by Zack Evar |

Ahhh summer…my favorite season! I love the hot summer days at the beach, the fact that most New Yorkers flee the island to the Hamptons, leaving plenty of parking space for me, and of course the many easy and cool hairstyles I can experiment with (and can show off without having to cover my head with a heavy wool hat!)

Here are a few trends perfect for summer:

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The Buzz Cut

Tried and tested. The buzz cut never fails. Easy to achieve, fits almost any face type, and easy to maintain, the buzz cut is the perfect summer hairstyle. It keeps your head and scalp cool in hot summer days, and it always looks manly. You can “dress it up or down,” making it look more proper or more “street.”

Maintenance is really easy. All you need is to make sure you wash your hair regularly, and your scalp is dandruff free and moisturized. Also, make sure your haircut goes well with your facial hair style. In my opinion, a buzz cut goes best with a clean shave, but you can also rock a beard for a more edgy juxtaposition. To get the ultimate shave on your head, check out the Gentlemen's shaving cream, as well as our shaving brush. Our shaving cream contains charcoal for men's skin. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

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The Textured Crop 

The hairstyle perfectly combines major cool factor with a more classic look. It is an unfussy style that is also the simplest to execute—and one that will work with any summer wardrobe.

According to hair stylists, the textured style is ideal for people that have short to mid-length hair. One needs to have a sizable length at the front for this style to work.

Depending on personal preferences, and the shape of the face, variations can be made between having hair at the top of the head and the back. The sides and the back can be clipper or scissor cut.

The Textured Quiff

While pompadours and slick backs have been extremely popular for the better part of the last year, the textured quiff is going to be a stand out style for the summer season.

Ask your stylist to leave length through the top thus ensuring that the fringe gets to remain longer. A number four cut on your sides and the back will provide you with excellent contrast.

With that said, consider cutting your hair shorter in these areas. This will provide you with an even more dramatic look.

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The Side Part

While we all sometimes want to go crazy with our hairstyles from time to time, there is a lot to be said about the classic look. Who doesn’t want to channel Don Draper? Classic and versatile styles, such as the side parting will always remain in vogue. The side parting is a low maintenance cut that will not fall flat in the course of the day and is a style that will allow you to head to the dance floor straight after work.

Ensure you have your hair clipped to an inch long on the sides and the back, with four inches remaining at the top for you to play with. Once you part your hair, it will sit in in position.

Styling the side parting is easy as you only need to slide a comb through the hair when wet so as to allow for a natural parting, after which you can apply some pomade or gel to create a slick, professional look. Similarly to the buzz cut, a side part goes very well with the clean shaven look. Another facial hair style that suits it well is the goatee, which gives the whole look a retro yet sophisticated feel. To keep your face smooth and elegant, check out our men's facial mask!

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For more amazing pictures and ideas for hairstyles that may be right for you, check out this Pinterest board:

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