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athletes foot toenail fungus how to stop foot fungus bad smelling feet

Foot Fungus, Athlete's Foot & How to Deal

Got the itch? Athlete's foot is an uncomfortable condition caused by the tinea fungus. Left unchecked, it can spread, and cause toenail fungus. Learn the causes of athlete's foot and foot fungus, as well as tips for prevention, and elimination. Keep your feet clean and dry, and you're in the clear.
sunscreen sunblock spf sunburned skin beau brummell

How to deal with sunburned skin

Summer is finally here, and with it, everything I love in life…. the beach, the sun, ice cream, outdoor sports…I simply love this season and everything that comes with it. The one thing I don’t like however is sunburned skin! 
summer skin care routine beau brummell for men

Summer Skin Care for Men

I fully admit, I prefer how my skin looks in summer. I know how bad the sun is for my skin, but after being cooped up indoors during the harsh winter months, when June rolls around, I can’t wait to give my skin a welcome boost of Vitamin D.
mens hairstyle trends beau brummell

Men's Hairstyle Trends for Summer

Ahhh summer…my favorite season! I love the hot summer days at the beach, the fact that most New Yorkers flee the island to the Hamptons, leaving plenty of parking space for me, and of course the many easy and cool hairstyles I can experiment with