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Hangin' Out With Joey Ruocco

by Zack Evar |

joey ruocco mens fashion mens grooming nyc
When he's not hard at work at his fashion merchandising career, Joey Ruocco is somewhat of a jack of all trades. From modeling to photography, travel blogging to social media - Joey is the embodiment of a modern man in an ever changing world. This native New Yorker doesn't conform to a particular style. Instead, he explores what's new, and what feels right. In our opinion, Joey's instagram page is a showcase of lifestyle, fashion, and culture. We got a chance to speak to Joey about some of our favorite topics.
joey ruocco mens fashion mens lifestlye mens grooming nyc

Q1: First question. How did you first get into the fashion world, and what was your inspiration?

Having grown up in New York I was always influenced and intrigued by varying fashion styles. However, growing up soccer was always my biggest priority. After playing in college, I soon realized there was a void in my life. I used this new found free time to fully explore my interest and passion for developing my personal style and pursuing it as a career. 


Q2: You’re obviously a big traveler. How do you prepare for a trip? Any packing secrets? 

Traveling is an essential part of my happiness. I love doing research before traveling to find those hidden places that make for memorable moments and great photo opportunities. When it comes to packing, I always try to dress for the setting. Obviously weather dependent, but if it is very rugged and outdoors I try to blend with the vibe. I am an avid over packer unfortunately haha. Portable chargers and a great back pack are essential though!


Q3: How do you stick to your grooming routine on the road? 

I try to pack only the essentials. The hard part is traveling out of “season” and preparing your skin for the drastic change in climate. Sunscreen is crucial especially when outdoors all day so I go with an oil free SPF face lotion. Besides that it’s travel size conditioner and shampoo, face wash, deodorant and toothpaste! Light and easy for me!


Q4: What was your favorite recent travel destination, and why? 

Recently I road-tripped through Alberta, Canada visiting three National Parks. I loved it because of how humbling nature can be. Driving and hiking the surrounding mountains make me realize how small I am and always ground me. It also reminds me how beautiful our planet is and how long it has been here - And that we must do what we can to preserve it. Living in NYC can get quiet hectic and we often lose focus on the small beauties and important aspects of life.


Q5: What is it about NYC that you love so much?

That same hectic lifestyle I mentioned creates so much drive and opportunity. Seeing my peers achieve great things keeps me inspired to push myself to do more. There are endless opportunities here and the energy is amazing. If you can imagine it, it can be achieved in these streets.


Q6: Favorite slice of pizza in NY?

Prince Street Pizza for sure! 


Q7: You’re an active guy, what do you do for exercise during the Fall/Winter? 

It’s tough on the cold days. I try to run outside with proper warm gear as much as I can. I am also a part of Class Pass which allows me to switch up my routine and take varying classes. Sometimes I hit the gym for a traditional workout or even take a Barry’s Bootcamp class. They key in winter is to switch it up so it doesn’t get boring indoors at the same place for months.


Q8: Last question. There is obviously a connection between looking good and feeling good. With the hustle of everyday life, it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself. Care to share any grooming hacks?

Very true which is why I always try to keep it simple. Everyone is different and so my routine may not work for everyone. For my hair, I wash it once a week and condition it almost daily. I use a small amount of hair paste and try to go at least one day a week with no product. For my skin, I usually lotion after showering and before bed a few nights a week to allow my body to moisturize over night. As for the face, a simple face wash with light exfoliation does the trick for me! I always preach less is more but that’s just the way my skin reacts! 

Joey Ruocco mens fashion mens grooming nyc

Hope you guys enjoyed getting some of Joey's tips, hacks, and opinions. Joey is one of our favorite "influencers" in NYC. Talking men's grooming, men's fashion, and city living with him was fun. Oh yea - Prince Street Pizza truly is one of the best! Till next time!


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