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Tips for Getting Rid of Dry Skin

by Zack Evar |

Getting rid of dry skin

A man can be rugged, but it doesn’t mean his face and body has to be. Wind, sun, water, pillows, linen, clothes and other environmental factors can make our skin drier than the Gobi Desert in August. Genetics, unfortunately, can make some of us more predisposed to dry skin than others. Can’t fight Mother Nature, but If you want to remain kissable and approachable, your face and body need moisture. You can tackle the problem in many ways, but don’t forget the importance of moisture, moisture, moisture. Dry skin can lead to major problems like eczema and infections. Before it comes to that, take some steps to get your dry skin problem under control. Here are a few quick tips for getting rid of dry skin and maintain the best men skin care:


A fresh moist face is a more attractive face. There are no other ways to describe it. If you want to achieve that fresh dewy look, you can do it by first scrubbing all the oil and dirt away. The impurities that accumulate on and beneath the surface of our skin are a major contributor to dry skin. Making sure to scrub your skin thoroughly twice a week, will assure that your skin is clean and ready to absorb your moisturizer better. Of course, we are crazy for the Beau Brummell Gentlemen’s Facial Scrub. Used weekly, our scrub keeps your skin’s cell turnover on track with gentle yet effective crushed walnut shells to slough off dulling surface cells and reveal a fresh, radiant smooth complexion. Skin looks and feels clean, refined and more youthful. Regular exfoliation helps revitalize skin and diminish the signs of aging, and the infusion of caffeine, lavender, menthol, and peppermint oils give your skin a rejuvenated feeling.

Daily dry skin facial cleanser for men

Your skin care routine should also consist of daily face wash, which includes charcoal for men's skin. Be sure to get the best facial cleanser for men. This is less aggressive than scrubbing, but it will make sure that the dirt and grime you accumulate during the day will get washed away. Watch out for soaps and skin cleansers that are severe and dry out the skin. Find formulas that are kinder to your skin such as our moisturizing facial cleanser for dry skin for men which contains activated charcoal.  The charcoal will absorb and trap impurities from the surface of your skin and wash them away as you rinse your face. For the ultimate shave, make sure you use our shaving cream and shaving brush. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

Daily dry skin facial cleanser for men tips for getting rid of dry skin


After you rid your face of the accumulation of oil and dirt, you’ll want to put moisture back in. Develop a twice-daily regimen where you can love your face by removing what you don’t want and putting loving moisture back in. Watch out for harsh products laden with chemicals and fragrances. Using them could cause a rebound effect, making your dry problem worse and worse instead of better and better.

Stand in the mirror and check for redness, inflamed skin, fissures, open spots and patches of cracked skin. All of this means that the largest organ of your body (the skin) is more vulnerable to outside attacks. You don’t want that.  Moisturizing creams can provide preventative coverage, making you less vulnerable to dry skin. Don’t forget behind your ears, your feet and hands, including the bottoms of the feet and palms. This will help when you are getting rid of dry skin.

men's dry skin cleanser tips for getting rid of dry skin

Skip the Hot Showers

Skin care should be proactive care. Unfortunately, and please don’t hate me for this tip, you should avoid those glorious long, hot showers. This will deplete your skin of moisture. Cooler showers (warm), or showers where you lower the water temperature for the last minute or so, are better for your skin. Cool or tepid water will also make your skin’s pores close up and trap some moisture in the process. Also, make sure to pat yourself dry, rather than rub your skin with the towel. Rubbing causes agitation, and dries out the skin. A good rule of thumb is to apply moisturizer within 3 minutes of exiting the tub or shower. This will give you a good moisture lock. In other words, you are sealing in the moisture, which is a good thing.

Choose your Wardrobe Carefully

Watch what you wear. This is important when getting rid of dry skin. If that turtleneck is irritating and makes your scratch at your neck, it is not skin friendly. This is especially true if the fabric dries out your skin. Watch for fabrics that rub you the wrong way. Softer, gentler attire might not only make you look more dapper and professional, it will often be less brutal to your skin. Too-tight socks, cuffs that rub at your wrists, pants that are too tight around the waist or anything that keeps your skin from breathing is a no-no.

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