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Grooming Essentials for Spring

by Zack Evar |

After a long cold winter, it's finally time to start thinking of warmer weather and spring time! With the freezing temperatures and snowstorms behind us, I'm eager to put away all my sweaters and winter gear in exchange for short sleeve shirts and shorts. Warm sunny weather also means I can finally get together with my buddies and throw a ball around or head to the woods. Exposing my skin to all that sun and sweat means that I need to make adjustments to my grooming routine. Here are a few grooming essentials for spring, be sure to check out the best facial cleanser for men as well:

Skin and Facial Moisturizer

For the warm weather, use a lightweight moisturizer, like ours, which has a non-comedogenic formula that won't clog your pores and weigh you down when it's hot and humid out. If you are shaving, make sure you check out our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave, as well as our other premium grooming products. Such as our beard conditioner, which is perfect for a long beard or mustache style.

Hand and Foot Scrub

When you make the transition from gloves and winter boots to flip flops, it's important to make sure your hands and feet look clean and maintained. No one wants to see dirty nails and callouses. Use our specially formulated Hand and Foot Scrub that incorporates pulverized walnuts to exfoliate the toughest skin and remove unsightly skin and surface dirt. Natural oils in the scrub also helps prevent ashiness and dryness. Don't forget to keep nail clippers on hand so you can keep your nails the right length and clean underneath your nails and cuticle.
man in spring

Hand Repair Lotion

After you've exfoliated your hands and feet, don't forget to moisturize. Avocado oil and shea butter get rid of any dryness from overworked hands and feet, without leaving a sticky and greasy residue. This is important after a rough game of football or a prolonged amount of time in a chlorine filled pool.

Beard Conditioner

 Let's face it- After a weekend camping in the woods or a few hours at the sandy beach, your facial hair probably isn't the cleanest that it could be. Make sure to wash out all the dirt and debris when you hop into the shower. Then apply our beard conditioner which has natural oils to soften your facial hair and to alleviate any dry flakiness on the skin underneath.

Light Scented Cologne

When it's warm out and the air is thicker, you should switch to an airier or earthy scent. Heavier, fruity fragrances are great in the winter but they can be overwhelming during the warmer months. Your best bet is a refreshing, lighter aroma.
Enjoy the sunshine and outdoors, and don't forget to stay properly hydrated.

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