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The Art of Pampering

by Zack Evar |  | 1 comment

Around this time of year, we often forget about ourselves. We become caught up in the holiday glow of giving to others and then jump right into planning ways to spoil our significant others for Valentine’s Day. While taking care of the people we love makes us happy too, it’s also important to remember to love ourselves. Studies have shown that just 10 minutes of a relaxing or pampering activity a day will make you happier and more refreshed. Most of us think that treating ourselves means making a big ticket purchase which is why we don’t do it often, but there are plenty of ways to do a little extra for yourself without spending a ton of money. Here are a few ways to pamper yourself without breaking the bank, and the art of pampering.

Take a walk in the sun

The winter blues are a real thing, and shorter, grayer days paired with blistery cold weather can often leave us feeling depressed and isolated, especially if you are spending 8-10 hours indoors at your office. Take 10 minutes before work or even during your lunch break to go outside and be in the sun. The fresh air and sunlight are actually a natural anti-depressant and will instantly boost your mood and help to destress you. Make sure you read up on summer skin care for men.


If you’re a family man or if you live with roommates, the shower is sometimes the only place you have to be alone and undisturbed. Take a long shower or even draw yourself a bath. Just to escape from the everyday buzz and focus on absolutely nothing. A shower or bath is often the best place just to turn your mind off for a little bit. So grab the best face cleanser for men, lock the door, and jump in the tub. You’ll be surprised at how relaxed and calm you’ll feel afterward. If you have a long beard or cool mustache styles check out our Cedarwood beard conditioner. Make sure you use a walnut hand and foot scrub, along with hand repair lotion. Check out all of our premium grooming products.

Call a friend or close relative and talk about yourselves

Most of the time if we are on the phone or grabbing a cup of coffee with someone the conversation is dominated by work issues, complaints about your boss or significant other or stories about your kids. It might not seem like a big deal and maybe it’s something you haven’t even noticed, but I’m sure it’s a rare occurrence for either you or your friend to discuss your goals or dreams, a new hobby or interest you picked up, or even an article or book that’s caught your eye. It’s important to take the time to talk about yourself and what you want or need. This will leave you with a better feeling of self-worth and even help to strengthen your friendship.

Learn to cook

I know that after a crazy busy day in the office, my idea of fixing myself a nice dinner is taking out my phone and dialing my favorite take out spot. It’s easy and requires very little thinking on my part. However, it’s definitely not very wallet friendly. So I decided that once or twice a week I would go to the grocery store and attempt to make dinner for myself.

At first, it was really daunting to think that I could make anything remotely close to edible, but after successfully completing my first meal with the help of a recipe from Google, I realized that I could conquer the kitchen. Learning new recipes and cooking for myself gives me a sense of pride. It feels good to be able to make a meal for yourself, not to mention home cooked meals use better quality ingredients than your normal takeout spot.


Hot Stone Massage

Take a trip to the spa

If you’ve never pampered yourself to a spa treatment, you are definitely missing out. I’m a huge fan of splurging on a massage or facial. It can be a treat or reward to myself every once in a while. It’s great to be in a place where everyone’s goal is to pamper and attend to me. I have a few buddies who see going to a spa as something emasculating and way too feminine.

If you are like them, think of it this way- most spa treatments are designed to cleanse your body and skin of toxins and pollutants, to sooth and relieve and tense muscles and joints, and to release any stress or tension. It's some of the best men skin care! Is this something that only our female counterparts deserve? I don’t think so! Our Product line is like a spa treatment at home. Check out the gentlemen's facial mask, and the gentlemen's shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave, which includes charcoal for men's skin.

Start saving for a specific goal

Usually, the money deposit into our savings account is for emergencies or to save for major financial obligations, like a future home purchase or a wedding. If you can afford to put a little more money aside, open up a separate account or make yourself a piggy bank to save up for something fun and more immediate. If you’ve always wanted to take a trip somewhere or if it’s always been your dream to own an obscenely expensive TV or computer system, put a few bucks aside each week to go toward that goal. Because you are saving money for a luxury that may have been out of reach for you, the reward feels so much greater once you have reached your goal. It will also make those rough days at work a little easier, knowing that you are working towards a tangible goal that you are looking forward to.

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  • blair villanueva on May 09, 2019

    These are good tips to give time to ourselves, coz that’s the time we can more inspiration. Awesome!

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