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Does your scrub contain Microbeads?

Proper exfoliation removes the shallow layer of dead cells from the surface of your skin, opening the way for moisturizers to make direct contact with your pores. It's no surprise that exfoliants can be found in many of the products sitting on your vanity or in your shower.
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The importance of skincare

Taking care of your skin can seem like a chore with all the other things you have to do to look good: stay in shape, eat right, get your hair cut, take care of your clothes, etc.  Not to mention all you have to do in general. But as one of your body’s biggest organs and its best defense against infection, there are a lot more reasons besides your appearance why taking care of your skin is worth making part of your daily routine.
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Guide for Taking Care of Your Hands

With the risk of sounding a bit stereotypical, taking care of your hands might sound feminine and to top it off a little time consuming, but let's face it...we deserve to have great looking hands.