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Guide for Taking Care of Your Hands

by Zack Evar |

With the risk of sounding a bit stereotypical, taking care of your hands might sound feminine and to top it off a little time consuming, but let's face it...we deserve to have great looking hands. Salons will do manicures for men, for shaping, and without polish, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money. Taking care of your hands is easy, it just takes a little effort. Here is a guide for taking care of your hands. Be sure to check out our hand repair lotion and our walnut hand and foot scrub. While you take care of your hands, make sure you take care of your face as well! If you are shaving, be sure to check out our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave! Be sure to look into our other premium grooming products. If you have a long beard or mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

Take care of your nails

First, you need to keep your nails neat. Make sure you trim them at least once a week and give them a quick file after you cut them so they don’t snag on anything. Jagged nails don’t just look bad, they can really hurt if they get caught on something and split. Or you can scratch yourself, which isn't any fun.

Just as important as keeping your nails neat is keeping them clean. You can use your nail to scrape the grit from under your other nails or you can buy a nail tool made for that, whichever works best for you. Some nail clippers even include a little scraping tool that swivels out. Check your nail clippers, you might already have a tool you never knew you had. Just make sure to wash your hands afterward, the grit underneath your nails contains lots of bacteria (take note nailbiters).


Along with keeping your nails neat and clean you need to take care of your cuticles. There are cuticle cutters out there, but it’s just as easy, if not easier to trim torn cuticles and hangnails with nail clippers. You can heal cracked and torn cuticles with something to soften them, like a cuticle oil, balm or some olive oil. Vaseline works too. You can try hand lotion but it isn’t always enough for the thick, dry skin around your nails.

Guide for Taking Care of Your Hands


That said, you really need to use a moisturizer or lotion on the rest of your hands, especially when the air is dry. If you live in an area with snowy, cold winters or hot, dry temps, lotion is a must. Just like with your nails, not taking care of your hands isn’t just unattractive, it can be really uncomfortable. Who wants dry, itchy, painful cracked hands? It’s not about vanity it’s about being healthy. We, of course, love our Beau Brummell Hand Lotion which conditions the skin and maintains a healthy moisture level without the greasy after effect. Activated charcoal absorbs toxins, purifying your skin. Shea butter, glycerin, and avocado oil work together to add just the right amount of moisture. Our hands are important; we use them with nearly every action we perform, which leaves them susceptible to increased dryness and callousing.

The best time to apply any kind of moisturizer, whether it’s a lotion or a cuticle oil, is after you take a shower or before you go to bed. When you moisturize after you take a shower you lock in the moisture in your damp skin. When you moisturize before you go to bed you give the lotion time to sink in while you sleep.

If you wash your hands a lot, use lotion as needed during the day. If you work with chemicals, use gloves.

Hand & foot scrub

Another one of our products can do wonders to the look and feel of your hands (and feet!). Our Walnut hand & foot scrub is the ultimate way to keep your hands and feet feeling clean and looking attractive. Frequent exfoliation is the key to removing unsightly dead skin and surface dirt. When washing isn’t enough, experience the power of Beau Brummell’s Walnut Hand & Foot Scrub. Pulverized walnut shell, pumice, and oat flour effectively remove dead skin and dirt, revealing a fresh, vibrant layer of healthy skin. A variety of natural oils leave a smooth, conditioned feel, so you can stay handsome.

If you try all these tips and your hands and nails are still dry, something to consider is to drink more water. Staying hydrated is important for so many reasons and one of them is your skin. All the lotion in the world won’t help you if you’re not taking in enough fluids, so keep that in mind.

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