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5 tips for dry skin

by Zack Evar |

Dry skin is no fun. It’s itchy, it’s uncomfortable, and it can even make you look older than you are. So what can you do about it? Here are 5 tips for dry skin.

Drink more water

One of the biggest cause of dry skin is dehydration. In fact, one of the first signs that you aren’t drinking enough water is dry, flaky lips. When you feel your lips getting dry, reach for some water before you grab some chap stick. Lip balm or Vaseline might feel soothing in the short term but actually dries your lips further as it evaporates. By drinking more water you are moisturizing from the inside out. Learn more about the importance of water.

Ease up on the hot showers

A nice, long hot shower can feel really good to wake you up in the morning or after a long day, especially in the winter if you live in a colder climate. Showering gets rid of grease and sweat, but it also strips good oils at the same time. To combat this, take warm showers instead of hot. You can step into a hot shower and then turn the temperature down after getting in so you ease into it.

Check your soap

If you aren’t having a problem staying hydrated and you aren’t showering in too hot water, it could be your soap causing your dry skin. Everyone’s skin reacts to products differently. The same brand of bar soap you’ve been using forever might be too harsh. Before you get rid of your soap and try something else, though, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re just not rinsing well enough. 13054302 - portrait of a handsome young muscular man in swimtrunks with water ocean background

Find the right moisturizer

Putting on moisturizer after you wash your face might seem ridiculous but adding moisture back into your skin after you wash it helps protect it from drying out. The trick is to find the right stuff. What you don’t want to do is use a lotion you’d use on your body on your face without first making sure it’s safe for both. We love our own moisturizer which is a lightweight facial moisturizer that works naturally with your skin to promote softness and encourage hydration for a natural look. Infused with Argan oil, a noncomedogenic (or non-clogging) natural moisturizer, The Gentlemen’s Moisturizer is perfect for everyone’s skin. Activated charcoal draws out and absorbs toxins from your pores while caffeine gives your skin an energized look and feel. Made from natural oils and plant extracts, this formula will tone and strengthen your skin. The Gentlemen’s Moisturizer will also protect your skin from UV rays, so you can stay handsome. Be sure to check out some other premium grooming products like our shaving cream and shaving brush for the ultimate shave. If you have a long beard or cool mustache style, be sure to check out our beard conditioner.

Give extra attention to the driest areas

Stay hydrated, use the right soap, keep that face nice and smooth, and you probably won’t have to use a body lotion all over, every day. However, if you tend to get dry, cracked feet, hands, elbows and knees, you’ll want to make sure to give those spots a little extra TLC. The best time to do that is either right after a shower when your skin is still damp or right before you go to bed. Since that skin is thicker, really dry, flaky skin can benefit from a thicker product, like a body cream. For your hands, you can keep some lotion in your car or desk to use as needed during the day.

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