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Will You Be My Valentine?

by Zack Evar |

While most of our blogs speak directly to the hip man who uses our products and is seeking out some easy grooming or styling hacks, today we want to say hello to all the significant others out there! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you're probably looking for a meaningful gift to give your hunky man. Now before some of you roll your eyes with sighs about how Valentine's Day is a made up, commercialized holiday to boost post-holiday sales- sit tight because even if that is true, there is a plus side for you, the customer. In an effort to make Valentine’s Day as real a holiday as possible, most companies have blow-out sales or special promotions. These happen a few weeks before, and as a smart consumer, you should totally be taking advantage of these deals.

Which brings me back to my original point- Beau Brummell for men has put together specially designed gift sets. They are in cool packaging that showcases our best grooming products for men. Whether you are looking for a personal gift to show your man how much you love him, or you just love a great buy, these 3 gift sets are calling your name.

Couple on Valentines Day


Perfect Shave

Check out “The Perfect Shave”- If your favorite man is an avid wet shaver? Is he a beginner that needs a push in the right direction? this bundle is a perfect choice. This set includes the Gentlemen’s Shaving Cream, which gives you a thick, rich lather, making for a smooth, lubricated shave. Which helps you prevent razor bumps and irritation. All natural Argan and Sandalwood oils help to condition your facial hair and also prevent redness and irritation. We pair our shaving cream with our signature Shaving Brush perfect for the ultimate shave, which is carefully crafted with 100% natural badger hair. Which massages and exfoliates your face. It also creates a generous lather for a close, smooth, and easy shave.


Intense Moisture

The “Intense Moisture” gift set is the gift that keeps on giving. The Facial Mask and Facial Moisturizer both use a combination of nature’s finest ingredients. Using the most innovative recipes to give your man soft, supple, and younger looking skin. The Gentlemen’s Face Mask uses Kaolin-rich clay and activated charcoal to draw out and absorb toxins.  Which clears the pores of all impurities. The Gentlemen's Facial Moisturizer incorporates natural oils and plant extracts to tone and strengthen the skin, while also hydrating the face and protecting from harmful UV rays. This is definitely my favorite of the three. Let’s face it you’ll benefit from his silky smooth skin just as much as he will.


Smooth Operator

The popular “Smooth Operator” combines two important essentials into one easy bundle. The Gentlemen’s Facial Scrub and The Gentlemen’s Facial Wash work hand in hand to both clean your skin of dirt and pollutants. Which also gives you a fresh, healthy look. The facial wash is the best facial cleanser for men to use every morning, which includes charcoal for men's skin. Rosemary oil and caffeine extracts minimize the appearance of pores, decrease inflammation from shaving, and also leave the skin looking fresh and awake. For an evening cleanse, the facial scrub is perfect. Crushed walnuts and tiny bamboo fibers slough away dull skin cells to reveal a radiant, smooth completion. Both products work on keeping your pores clear and clean. While preventing acne and irritation and promoting skin health and tight pores.

Whether you plan to revel in your love on Valentine’s Day with a fancy dinner or if you are ignoring the commercialized holiday, Beau Brummell knows that the best way to celebrate your love and yourself is by taking care of yourself. Pick up one of these gift sets of premium grooming products for an everyday reminder of how much you care.

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