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How to dress to get noticed

by Zack Evar |

As a graduation gift, my older sister bought me my first suit for when I interview for my first "real world" job. Of course, that initial suit was a little too formal for the business casual office I was later hired to work in. There was no doubt that the fancy suit helped me land the job, but I definitely couldn't wear that as I sat in my cubicle every day. In those early days of my career, I often found myself staring at my wardrobe dumbfounded because I had a hard time finding the right balance between by streetwear, and my work attire. As I grew older, I find myself still searching for ways to go from just throwing on whatever is clean to dressing like a real bona fide grown up. Here are my quick tips on how to dress to get noticed:

Only wear clothes that fit you

No one that I know is the same exact size that he was when he was 18. This makes this first tip a no-brainer. If you've had clothes since you were in high school, you should be getting rid of them and buying clothes that fit you now. Pants should land at your waist and end a little below your ankles, and shirts should hug you at the arms and never go below the waistline.                                                                                                                                           Suit

Invest in the right pair of jeans

It's definitely time to ditch any faded or cut off denim and to buy a pair of dark, slim fit jeans that fit you in both waist and length. Remember that a snug fit does not mean you need to buy a skinny jean. It also won't hurt you to spend a few extra bucks for a sturdier, more durable construction.

Pick out adult outerwear

You know that puffy, bubble jacket that you have in a few different colors? The one same style you've been wearing for years? It's time for an upgrade. Odds are you live in a climate where you will need a jacket at least 4 months in the year. So the right coat will be a staple piece of your grown up wardrobe. Choose a structured overcoat and you'll always look sharp, regardless of what you're wearing underneath.

Upgrade your shoe game

It might not seem like it, but your shoes set the tone for an entire outfit. You'll definitely want to have more than one kind of dress shoe or boot to wear to work and every day. Pick neutral colors and make comfort and quality your priority here. Trust me, you don't need to wear sneakers to have comfy footwear. Leave those shoes for the gym. If you aren't running, you don't need running shoes.

Say goodbye to those funny meme t-shirts

While there will always be a place in my heart for printed shirts that make me giggle or concert tees that bring back my favorite memories, there will be few places where I can get away with wearing one. Instead, invest in solid t-shirts in neutral colors. You can always throw a jacket over a good t-shirt for a casual, put-together look. Again, remember that it’s all about the fit. You definitely don’t want anything too baggy or anything that hugs too tight.

You need a few good dress shirts

 Pick up some solid, slim fitting dress shirts for your adult wardrobe. The best advice I can give here is to invest in dress shirts that you know will last. Good quality means that the shirt isn’t so thin that you see your undershirt, and that the shirt will withstand a couple trips to the washing machine. Remember that button down shirts do not limit you to slacks or dress pants. You can sport some serious grown-up style with a dress shirt and a pair of good jeans and shoes.

Don’t slack on your day to day grooming habits 

 I have been focusing on how the right clothes will help you to look like a mature adult, however, let’s not forget that your daily grooming routine is also a huge part of your overall appearance. Even if you are going for that effortless, five o’clock shadow look, you are going to have to put in some effort. Washing your face to prevent oiliness and blemishes (learn how to deal with oily skin) and shaving on a regular basis will not only make you feel more adult, but it will translate to your look as well. Don’t forget to moisturize too. Make sure you use our shaving cream for the ultimate shave, which includes charcoal for men's skin, and shaving brush. (Be sure to look into a few of our other premium grooming products). No one will care if you have a great pair of jeans on if you have flaky skin.

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